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Whats your fave beef casserole recipe??? Lock Rss

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for a french twist, add lots of bacon and green beans, use a rich gravy base

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I usually just make a beef and red wine casserole- then we have smashed potatoes to go with it. Potatoes par cooked in the microwave- then smashed a little with a fork- add butter, garlic and some herbs- pop in the oven in a baking dish until fully cooked........yummy!!!!!!
Ow u all sound like really good cooks!

Im lazy.... i use that new continental recipe base... u know the ones on the tv ads that they reckon if ur family doesnt like it they'll give u a refund...

Its called 'Rich Beef Casserole'... u just add meat, onion, water and tomato paste and stick it in the oven. then i make mash potato to go with it.

Im lazy but its really yummy!
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Chelle, go to coles or woolies or any supermarket and in the recipe bases section theres a packet for casseroles called french casserole or something. Just like HONESTY said, all you have to put in is green beans, bacon and onion and serve over mashed potato. It was BEAUTIFUL and the first one i've ever made!! SOOO good!!
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lol im just slack. I think its just the sauce in powder form. Id never made a casserole before so i thought i wouldnt risk it haha
Beef cassarole....yumbo.... I make an Irish Stew with either beef or lamb. Its dead easy. Just put your meat in flour put it in your big oven pan layering with carrot and potatoes, then in a jug put 2 tbls tomato paste, 2 tbls flour, 3 cups water and two cubes of beef stock then mix together and pour over meat and veges, sprinkle with any herbs you have fresh or dried and then wack it in the oven for 2 - 3 hours. It is sooooo goooooood and sooooo tender. Its one of the easiest meals I make and its just devine. Good luck
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