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morning all....
was wondering if anyone can help me
my youngest has a really bad nappy rash & we've tried everything we can think of i think it's because he's teething...we've tried zinc & the cornflour but none of these seem to work....can anyone help with any other suggestions...any help is very much appreciated....thanks in advance....

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Try amolin or bepathanin and use talc to keep it dry. My son was allergic to zinc just made it worse.
Good luck
if it is really bad, get some daktozin over the counter at your chemist.

works a treat, but not intended for basic nappy rash

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Try crush nappy cream and the crush powder...

Paw paw ointment is great on sore read bottoms. Always works a treat on my DD's. Nappy free time is also great.

If the rash persists- I would take your little one to a doc to get checked out. That way the rash can be diagonsed by a pro and a more appropriate treatment to help soothe and heal the skin may be given.

Hope your little ones rash gets better soon.

if its bad enough that you dont know what to do, go to the doctors for prescribed treatment. It will worsen otherwise. How did it get that bad?

There was another thread a few weeks ago on this topic- SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE or ring maternal health line. Using home remedies can be more harmful, along with seeking advice from non trained people.

Good luck- poor bubba.

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My son has horrible nappy rash at the moment, paw paw oinment is working a treat. I changed his nappy first bottle in the am, then at next nappy change it looked like he'd been biten by green ants (which he hadn't!) and now all the redness is gone it looks like there are about 2-3 little burns (that's how I'd describe it anyway), but the paw paw ointment like I said is working great for him. Hope your little one's poor little bum feels better soon!
it got this bad cause we tried zinc cream first which he's never had before & the next morning (this morning) it was just 10 times i'll guess that he might be allergic so might have to book him into the doc's today....we definitely won't put the zinc cream on him ever again....thanks for all your posts

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Meant to add to my other post but forgot........don't use wipes on your little one at nappy change time- these will irritate the skin further and cause stinging. Instead use some washers - wet with warm water- much nicer on the skin.


Good luck at the doctors!!! Hope they have your little man feeling better in no time.

what nappies are you using?

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i use the Brauer Nappy Rash Cream, its gold! i swear by it! i use it for everything! lol. clears it up straight away.

good lluck

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