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I am so upset im sitting here crying sad

i was driving out of my estate and there was this gorgeous little maltese terrier standing in the road and buses and cars were swerving around him.

i pulled over and called to him and he came running over, hopped straight into my arms and laid down.
He had no collar on and was dirty but extremely friendly.

i knocked on some doors around where i found him but no one owned him/didnt answer the door.

i called my local vet and they said to call the council.
i took it home, put it in my garage and gave it a bowl of water and some dry food. it was sooo thirsty and hungry!
but it wasnt underweight and it was very well behaved.

i have 2 dogs so cant keep it here as they would eat it!
so i rang the council and he came and picked the little man up. i said "what happens now?" and he said "we give the owners 72 hours to come forward and claim it" and i said "if they dont?" and he said "then he gets the green dream" (put down!)
i said "no! if someone doesnt claim it, can you call me and i will come and get it?" and they said "well maybe the rspca will take it" then he chucked the dog in the back and left.

i am so devestated - now i wish i had just left him on the streets. i cant be responsible for a beautiful little FRIENDLY dog being put down!

im doing up a few fliers to put around the street but what else can i do?
Ring your local radio station and do you have a local free paper? sometimes they will add in it for free.
i will call the newspaper now thanks.
thanks steph. yeah i know but he was such a good little dog that would make a great pet for someone and i couldnt bare the thought of him being put down just because his owners are scum bags.

i just rang my local newspaper and they are going to run an ad in tomorrows paper.
thanks for that jodie

plus i am so hormonal that it makes me feel even worse sad
awwww Emma, you have already done a lot more than most people would. You have such a kind heart. It isnt your responsibility, that belongs to the owners. It sounds like the poor thing has been neglected somewhat. I hope the owners come forward or that someone buys it from the RSPCA
there is a website called They have a rescue forum. You could post in there that you have found the dog and which council you are in and there may be a rescuer in the area who can keep an eye out for it when it comes up at the pound if not collected by the owners.

There are many people around who do rescue and foster dogs so they might help.

currently being updated please check back later.

Thats ok emma, i hope the owners see the add. Good luck.
Ohh, you did the right thing for sure. If you had of left him he may have been run over! I always pick up dogs if i see them stray and take them to the RSPCA, since i brought my dog from there.. Maybe if no one claims the dog you could advertise him for give away.. being a small breed like that i'm sure there would be plenty of people wanting him.. Does your local paper do free advertising for giveaways?
thanks everyone

i am gonna look on the dogzonline site now.

there is an add going in the newspaper tomorrow and im doing up some little notes to put in peoples letterbox around where i found him.

i rang the council and said if no one claims him, to call me back and i will take him (which of course i cant!) but at least then it might buy him a few more days for someone to get him
I found a huge mixed breed dog in my driveway a few weeks ago, it had a collar and leash and covered in sand.
I walked to down to the beach to see if i could find its owners but it was deserted.
so i took it home and called the pound.
It was a beautiful natured old dog, i fed it and my neighbour left it in her yard. The pound people picked it up the next day.
Just over a week later i saw the dog, collar and all walking alone past my house...some people never learn!
oh thats sad too. but at least it had a collar on.
this poor little guy had nothing.
but his hair was clipped and his nails were short and he wasnt underweight so he looked loved, but he was really dirty and thirsty and hungry so he has been missing for at least a few days i would say.

i just hope if he only just escaped this morning, he isnt normally kept in such a dirty condition by the owners
It only takes seconds for s dog to get dirty.
I bathed my dog yesterday and he decided to go roll in dads garden covered in manure....
Its sad to think his poor owners are probably heartbroken looking for him. Dogs can get far in a few days, expecially ones that don't get the freedom at home. My 18 year old foxy only walks to the corner and back when she gets out. Shes too spoilt to leave! Shes mirochipped so she'd be back one way or another. We had to get her microchipped at 15, and pay full price because she wasn't desexed...i dont think she'll be having any puppies any time soon! She was 105 in our years!
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