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Toy boxes Lock

sorry am not sure if i have posted this in the right section or not but do any of you mums out th...

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I too have a plastic storage box for a toy box. its great and i can just put the lid on it and take it with us when we go to a mates...


Phil & Ted's T2 Portacot Lock

Just wandering if anyone has a Phil & Ted's T2 Portacot. I really like that they are so light an...

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We've recently bought one as a couple of our friends have the T2 and they find it great. It is stable but the jury is still out on ...


Wanting to buy a doppler. Lock

Hi I just want some advice on Dopplers. Have you used one? Which one is good? Thanks Nic.

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HIgh Chairs Lock

G'day we are looking to buy a high chair for our 5 & 1/2 mth old. Just wondering if anyone has fo...

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see if they would freight it for you. Do you use a courier, or know someone who does? not worth $400 new, no way. Think off all the ...


Looking for someone Lock

Morning Bec ] How how you? Have missed you heaps xxx Love Mel xxx

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her nudie runs are reserved for a special audience lol

Nappy Soakers Lock

Hi i was wondering what is everyones favourite nappy soakers at the moment, the one im using at t...

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I use a oxymagic spray, or the sard spray, then soak in pink napisan in HOT water (whites anyway). But the coloureds with stains, g...

Labrador dogs Lock

hi there all, we currently have a labX dog, who is 8yo. we are looking into getting a pure bred L...

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go to you will find everything you need to know. Only buy pure bred. You will find hundreds of registered bre...


Slow Cookers Lock

I want to get a slow cooker, but looking for some help as to what brand, how big etc What do you...

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Babylove Tri Active stroller Lock

Does anyone have a Babylove Tri Active 3 wheel stroller with toddler seat? I've heard that the wi...

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maclaren Vogue Lock

I am thinking about getting a maclaren vogue, does anyone have any pros and cons for this strolle...

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Standard vs Jogger Pram Lock

Also, since I don't plan on going jogging, do you think that it's better to have the jogger style...

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babylove Tandem Tribute Pram Lock

Thinking of buying one of these as it's 100 bucks off the normal price, but read some pretty bad ...

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Come & Join in.. Lock I am a member there I LOVE IT!!

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Kenwood Mixers Lock

I have one and love it but dont use it enough lately .my mum has one and makes ...

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Labels Lock

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Ergo baby carriers Lock

Anyone have one of these and can tell me the pros and cons?

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Bubz and Mumz Lock Bubz and Mumz is a a free community for Mumz and Mumz-to-be of ...

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currently looking for preggy mummies!! lol!!


Stroller ideas? Lock

Hi ladies, I am having trouble finding a stroller that has a big seating space (length wise). DS...

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Games Games Games Lock

I love it. I love it. I love it

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Come and join us Lock

Hi, I just want to extend an invitation to everyone to come and join our new look forum. www.fa...

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mascara Lock

hi, can anyone tell me how long you can keep mascara for once you have opened it? Thanks, SJ

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I read that you should replace it after approx 3 mths because it can breed nasties. Thinking about it though - god knows how old som...

Jolly Jumpers Lock

I love them, DS was given one think it was worth about $40, to start he just loved to be on his f...

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Does it really work? Lock

Hi i think it does, we started using it with Connor when he was younger, and although it didnt ma...

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Hi everyone, Thanks for all your replies. Well our lil man slept 7hrs last night which was so good, because it meant i go...


Suggestions needed. Lock

I've actually got a Valco Twin Runabout, and had 21mths between my two. I found they both needed...

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microwave which one shall i buy? Lock

Hello to everyone. Im gonna be buyin a new microwave and was wondering if anybody has n e recomm...

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I currently have a samsung flip mobile phone which I'm not really happy with and also my contract...

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baby monitor Lock

Hi I bought a Roger Armstrong baby monitor because it offered a long distance range and has a cl...

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thanks girls, i sent an email to the roger armstrong company and they suggest I send the monitor in to them for testing, which I th...

Thats hot... Lock

Is that the one where you don't even have to touch skin??

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Hi, where did you buy the omron from?

Shell Bell

Trampolines With Saftey Net. Lock

Yes,l brought one for my boys last year. They would have been 2 and a half, l think they are grea...

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Babylove Tandem Lite Stroller Lock

Hi Alicia, I have two children 15 months apart and I couldn't live without the baby love tandem ...

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Hi Alicia, I have this pram, don't use it much though. Not because it's no good, I just find it easier to put the boys in the trol...

Washing Machine Lock

hi there my washing machine died on saturday i know i got piles of washing to do well i looked on...

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We got an Asko front loader about 2.5 years ago. Bit pricey compared to the other brands - but not as expensive as Miele ! I averag...


Phil & Ted's Bebe Recline Lock

Does anyone know if you can get a tether strap for the Phil & Ted's Bebe Recline? [Edited on 22/0...

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Hi, yes i think it is tether strap compatible - i remember reading it on their website (currently researching them!)


Doppler Lock

Hi just want to know how many of you have or had your own doppler for your pregnancy? Whats a goo...

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Hi nicmeade. I bought an Angelsounds doppler a few weeks ago. Apparently they can be used from around 12 weeks but I got mine at abo...


Sex Drive Lock

sorry no help here, But my sex drive has been pretty much no existant(sp) since falling preggers ...

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Sorry if there is TMI, but im in a similar situation. I used to have reasonable sex drive, Then after i had DS it went out the windo...


Bread Makers Lock

Hi, I am thinking of buying a bread maker. FOr those who have one can you tell me if they are w...

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I've got a Breville Bakers Oven. Does all the usual stuff dough, pizza, jams etc. Mainly just use the basic setting. I've had it nea...

Pram help Lock

If you're happy with the Valco, I recommend the Twin Runabout. I have one and have 21mths betwee...

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PNTeds Recline Car seat Lock

Hi, anyone got the PNTeds Recline Car seat? - what are you thoughts? we're looking at getting on...

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Vapouriser? Lock

ok i dont have one personally but i am going to get one!! EVERYONE raves of how good they are ect...

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Baby Backpacks Lock

Hi, I borrowed a baby backpack off my brother when my family went overseas to the UK and Paris f...

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vapourisers? Lock

I cant use a vapouriser in my house as DP is a chronic asthmatic and Doctors say its bad for asth...

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