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G'day we are looking to buy a high chair for our 5 & 1/2 mth old. Just wondering if anyone has found a great buy/ product or if you have regreted your choice. I think the attributes to look for are
1. Ability to be cleaned easily
2. Reclinable seat
3. Something b/w the bubs legs to stop them sliding forward
4. A tray that can go in the dishwasher
5. Comfort/ padding
6. Different levels

Am I mad? As this is my first child I really have no idea if these attributes are worth while. Your advise could really help me meke a good decision hear- and as i'm hoping to have more than one child i would really really like to make a good choice first time round.

I bought a fisher price linka doos. Excellent alround but a p r i c k to clean as the seat is padded with contours in it.

I bought my mum a peg perego prima pappa off ebay, it is the best. Has everything you asked for. $400 aprox new or 50-100 off ebay in great condition. You can also replace the seats on them, and other parts if you are concerned. I wouldnt get another brand now.

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I've checked out ebay for a peg perego prima pappa, but I'd need to travel to melboune to get one (3hours drive) as there arn't any on ebay from our area. But I also checked out the choice web site and this brand is noted for being the best high chair. I wish they were sold around here. I can get one in through a baby store that doesn't regularly stock them but I'll be up for $400. Are they really worth the dough??

see if they would freight it for you. Do you use a courier, or know someone who does? not worth $400 new, no way. Think off all the other nice things you could buy. I am in melbourne and could get one for you and hold it here until you made arrangements. PM me if you are interested. What a bugger, seriously, I would not spend $400 if you can get one in perfect order for $50-$100. Keep searching.

Toddler & Newborn, golden, whippet, horse, husband

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