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Tired of the same old parenting forums? Rss

Sick of migrating from forum to forum trying to find a good conversation or some helpful advice about your kids or family? Want to join a great free parenting forum which provides more fun, friendship and entertainment than you can poke a stick at?

Then look no further than The Parent Sanctuary - recently celebrated its 2nd birthday and currently over 650 members and 200,000 articles!

We have plenty of great features for our members such as blogs, flash game arcade, photo gallery and chat room - just to name a few. Competitions with REAL prizes are held multiple times each month, this month is our avatar theme comp ("Spaghetti mess") and September Storytime comp so get your entries in for your chance to win <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Also new to our website is a range of cute and funky event countdown tickers - themes covering birthdays, wedding/anniversaries, pregnancy countdown and holiday festivities!

And of course there is the traditional (and most important of all!) support groups, state mums meets, and opportunity to make some great new friends both local and Australia-wide.

We couldn't possibly cover all the reasons why we feel you should come and check us out in just one post, but we guarantee that you will be addicted once you do <span class="emoticon wink">wink</span>

So come and join us today! We look forward to welcoming you <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span>

"Where we all have something in common" <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

The Parenting Sanctuary is by far the best parenting forum that I have found. The wonderful people on there are so supportive and always there for friendly advice, chat or just a good laugh.

I have made some wonderful friends and have gotten some great advice.

So definately come and have a look, you wont be disapointed.

Ali, VIC 5yr old Twins (DD & DS) & 1yr old DS

I am new to the Parenting sanctuary, but so far I have found the people to be very friendly and I have found out some great stuff from the articles they have. All the members are very friendly and helpful. Much nicer than a lot of other forums that I have been to recently.
I recommend you check it out.
[Edited on 08/10/2007]
The Parenting Sanctuary has gotten even bigger and better smile They have now joined with Parenting Multiples giving parents with twins, triplets, quads and more a place to go where they can chat to others with multiples and share experiences and also have the chance to chat to other parents about general baby/child topics.

It is fantastic!

So if you are a parents you MUST visit The Parenting Sactuary, you wont look back smile

Ali, VIC 5yr old Twins (DD & DS) & 1yr old DS

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