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Jolly Jumpers Lock Rss

I am not a fan as i have seen the damage they cause a child when they break through my work(child protection) - the spring came down on the baby's head and nearly died. The organisation Kidsafe is now not recommending these or encourage anyone to buy this product due to amount of accidents that happen.
oh , my kids have never had one either, for fear of that reason above. I just thought i was being a bit overcautious not using one, but something has always stopped me from doing it, glad i havent used one now..
Didn't buy one first off with the twins, but brought one for Lucas as we have huge door openings in this house. He doesn't go in it everyday and the days he does go in it, he doesn't go in it for long. I think as long as you are supervising them, and if they start to jump around too much, stop using it. When they are small they can't really jump too much. Though l noticed when DS when in it the other day he can now jump quite a bit. I would never leave him in it, and go to another room.
We had one for both of my girls and they just loved it. They would spend heaps of time and both learned to walk early. They both still love jumping all of the time now that they are too big for it. Lucky our next door neighbours have a trampoline as they play on it all the time.

Whenever I used it I would always double check that everything was connected properly and that the catch was on the doorframe properly. Luckily we had quite wide frames around the door so that was good. Also, put a change mat under them and any "spills" are easily cleaned up.

I have one of these for my DS and he loves it. i paid about $45 for it. i never leave him in it for long though and i am always sitting there with him when he is in it.

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