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What does everyone think of jolly jumpers? Are they any good?
And how much did you pay for it?
I love them, DS was given one think it was worth about $40, to start he just loved to be on his feet then learnt to spin around now he goes nuts jumping, he doesnt like to be in it for long but atleast i can fold washing without him throwing it everywhere hehe, deffinatly worth it
HOw old was he when you put him in it?
My son loved it ...we was a reflux bub and vomited everything all the time ...he jsut loved dancing in his own vomit ...there is something realy wrong with changing your childs socks cause they have vomit on them lol lol lol
ohh maybe 4 mths if that, maybe younger was only really young, couldnt sit up at all, he just hang there and loved looking around got him off his back or belly for a while

Lukes mum it is just gross isnt it
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My DD loves her jolly jumper. She went init when she could hold her head all by herself. We got ours from toyworld it was about $50. Its great to watch her init and is good to do some jobs like the dishes without her getting cranky!
Love it!!!!

Got mine 14 years ago with my first bub. All three of my kids loved it. My DD is still in it now, she squeels with delight in it. Best pressent I ever got.

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lukey was 3 months but he was a big bub and could hold his head up when he was born adn was sitting on his own at 3 months ...but I think I read on the box that if they can hold their own head than it is ok for them
yea if they can hold there head up then its ok
Thankyou Ladies,
Well i guess i am going to go out and buy one tomorrow.
I really hope he likes it.
don't like them. Chiro's don't recommend them anyway, and why would I pay to see a chiro then do something against their recommendation.
I reacon they are fantastic! wouldnt be without one!

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