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Hi girls,
Im going out this weekend to buy a new pram and i need some suggestions. It has to be a double pram as i have a new born and a 12month old and i would like a tandem not side by side so what do you all rekon i should buy? i need help as i have no idea what to look for! thanks!

Mary-jane 08/07/06 George 19/07/07

I've actually got a Valco Twin Runabout, and had 21mths between my two. I found they both needed to sleep at the same time, so worked perfectly.

Expensive, but the most stable of the side by sides.
The side by side twin prams are better as both seats recline right back (independant of eachother) where as the tandem prams only allow for the backseat to lay right back, the front lays back to a 45degree angle - not flat which I would imagine to be less comfortable for your eldest.

Have a look around, you might be pleasantly surprised by a few different ones. Ipersonally have a side by side Childcare purchased from Myers for only $349 and it's been great.

I also have a tandem but rarely use it.....if you want it - you're welcome to it.

Good luck.
I have 18 months between my two, and we have a phil and teds. But because you have a smaller age gap, you may need to have the pram recline for your eldest seeing as she is only 12 months and she may want to sleep. I have a feeling however, that with the new sports model phil and teds, the extra attachment seat can recline back a bit (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I love my pram, but I'm pretty easy to please! lol. A friend of mine has one of those limo type ones, and she raves about it, I don't know what brand it is though sorry.

But whatever pram you get, make sure it's a dark coloured one. Stupid me got a beige coloured phil and teds, and it's impossible to keep clean, especially because we live on a dusty cattle property.

I have 26 months between my 2, and i have a babylove tandem, which i love. It fits through aisles, etc which i had problems with in my 3 wheeler.
In regard to the fron seat back reclining, i never had to worry as both my kids stopped wanting to be fuller reclined after about 9 months of age.
The baby love also has a huge basket underneath and a seat capacity of 20 kg each.
The only problem is that now my son is 3 1/2 when he gets grumpy he sometimes puts his feet on the wheels which make it hard to push.
I agree with mumof2littleterrors. I have the babylove tandem lite aswell and I have 16 months between my two. I find it so easy to maneouvre and really lightweight. (it folds up smaller than my previous single pram and it's lighter!)

You'll probably find you won't be out long enough for the older one to want to go to sleep anyway!!! I know I never was!
Hi, i also have a phil and teds as there is 15 months between my 2. and as george and charlies mum said, the sports models attachment seat does recline back a bit so the older one can sleep if need be.
i have the model before the sports model (so its not THAT old) but my friend has just had bub #2 and got the sports model and i'll tell you what... its fantastic. so fantastic that i'm thinking about selling mine or seeing if i can do a trade-in and getting it smile lol
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