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I bought a Roger Armstrong baby monitor because it offered a long distance range and has a clip, so I thought I could wander around the house and sit in our courtyard and still listen out for bubs.

BUT it is hopeless !

We live in a brick home and it doesn't even work well from DS's room and our room (and he is right next door to us),let a lone from his room to our courtyard (about 5 rooms away) !

The static is atrocious.

Does anyone else have this problem ?

What monitor do you recommend ?

I'm thinking of purchasing another.


We have the Angelcare sound & movement monitor and it is fantastic. We haven't had any problems with interference etc, as it has 3 channels so if there is any interference you can just change frequencies. We can take ours right out the front of our place and it still works ok.

we had a baby care monitor which seemed to work well in a solid brick house. It had 2 channels which was handy as we used to pick up a neighbours baby monitor also so switching channels helped us.

If you are in the market for a new cordless phone, UNIDEN has a room monitor function you can also use as a baby monitor, though I am not too sure how that one works.

thanks girls,

i sent an email to the roger armstrong company and they suggest I send the monitor in to them for testing, which I think I'll do.

If we're still not happy with it, we're going to buy an angelcare one.

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