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Trampolines With Saftey Net. Rss

Hi ive put a Trampoline With a Saftey Net on layby for DS's xmas just wornding what people think about them, let me know the good and bad please. Ive heard the saftey nets are great.

Yes,l brought one for my boys last year. They would have been 2 and a half, l think they are great, they get in and zip it up themselves. You don't have to worry about any springs etc, and there is no way they can fall off it!
I dont have one of these but I think bad thing about them could be that a younger child could become complacent when on a trampoline without a net.
At home they would be able to jump around and know themselves they cant fall out of it whereas if they where distracted when on a trampoline without a net they could fall off if not paying attention.
Overall I think they are a great idea.
They are great highly reccomend them. We got one for our ds 2nd birthday and he loves it, though the first thing he learnt naturally was how to unzip it! lol but he can't get on it by himself and is supervised when on it so that doesn't really matter and as soon as I saw him do that, I then taught him how to turn around and get off by lying on his tummy and sliding off feet first just in-case I am not quick enough to get there. Is also great for our 6mth old as when I go out to the line etc I can pop him in and zip it up and he can roll around all over the place. They take awhile to put up, just a warning!

mum to two gorgeous guys

my two boys got one from GP last Christmas and absolutely love it. We laid down some rules from the start and have had no problems with them following them. The number one rule is the zip MUST be done up before anyone jumps. We have a friend whose son was jumping without the zip done up and jumped straight out and broke his arm very badly (surgery, pins, plates etc).
If the kids follow the rules you should have no problems and years of fun and exercise.

Mum to Jack 8, Zane 3 & Angus born 06//09/07

If you live in a high wind area make sure they are pegged down. About 8 of them around our area have blown away and got broken.
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