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I am due to have bub #2 in October and have a DS who will be 22 months old then. I already have a valco runabout which I love but getting a toddler seat is out of the question as DS is a big boy. He is 98cm tall and weighs 16 kilos. Can anyone recommend a double pram that would suit. Any advantages and disadvantages of styles would be very helpful.
If you're happy with the Valco, I recommend the Twin Runabout. I have one and have 21mths between my two.
25kgs per seat, and my son is a big boy at 2.5yrs.
Hello i have a valco as well with the toddler seat, i hate steering it..Dont use it often,partner can steer it alright though.
We have a babylove double pram, front and back. It's really good, we use it quite a bit. It folds up smaller than my normal single pram. It was given to us, but I've seen them on ebay for around $100-$150, and in 2nd hand shops too.

Are you in Perth? I'd consider selling ours by October, my baby will be 1 by then.

I have the babylove tandem as well and it's briliant! So easy to maneouvre and compact and light. There's 15 months between my two and i couldn't live without it.
I have a Phil & Ted's E3 Double Buggy which I love. The front seat has a maximum weight of 25kgs, so it would last you a long time.

Leah smile
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