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Vapouriser? Rss

Hi Mums,

Just wondering if anyone has one and how you find it? I'm not sure if there is another name for it but basically it is used to clear congestion... so you turn it on and it releases steam and it is suppose to help bubs with congestion when they have colds/flu.

If you have one... do you find it useful? Pros/Cons? We have seen a Vicks one for about $80... what other ones are out there?

Thanks in advance for any feedback about this.

ok i dont have one personally but i am going to get one!! EVERYONE raves of how good they are ect. working in pharmay i hear all the goss and they are fab! i sold 3 in my 3-7 shift yesterday!!

OMG $80!! no way!!

Vicks vap~ $54
Euky bear~ $65
Hippo~ roughly $70
We spent $50 on ours, it's a TAAV. We got it from Chemist warehouse. Great investment!
Oh, DF took the receipt to his private health insurer, said it was for him & got a rebate!
I domt have one either, but am going to get on too.

what brand is the best? i've heard good things about the vicks, but i didn't realise their were so many others
Hi, i brought a Vicks one the other day. I have not used it but my sister swears by hers!! Ciao


well they all basically do the same thing- i sell more of the vicks ones and thats the one im going to get. the taav brand is pretty popular.
go to google or ebay and type in vaporiser it'll come up with diff pix ect.

I just got a Taav one on the weekend! It only cost me 437 from chemists warehouse.

They are great, and you can just put in eucalyptus oil or a mix they sell. They are brilliant, highly recommended!
with the vaporisers u gotta be carefu u cant use normal eucalyptus oil u need to get the inhalent one and u cant use it on young babies- for young babies just use water the steam does enuff
I agree about the steam... We only use the inhalent when/if DS has a cold, the steam does a great job.
Thanks EVERYONE for their responses!!!

We will probably get one now... I was standing by one at the chemist yesterday and I thought it was great... however, having had so many experience with buying stuff and not really getting use out of it... and having it sit on the shelf... I wanted to be sure it would be worth it.

It is $80 here in NZ although I have to admit, I haven't had a good look around.

Thanks again.

I got away with not buying one for DS but when DD got bronchiolitis and wouldn't go away I bought one. I got the Vicks one at chemist works for $45 and got all my money back through my private health fund.

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I got the TAAV one. I was told to use the liquid in it. It's menthol/eucolyptus (sp). Mine cost me $35 and $7 for the oil from pharmacy 777
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