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Has anyone used a backpack to carry their toddler in? If so what brand did you use & how did you find it? We are thinking of getting one for our 14 month old & am wondering if it is worth it or not. We are possibly looking at the Phil & Teds or one from Kathmandu.

Thanks in advance.


I borrowed a baby backpack off my brother when my family went overseas to the UK and Paris for a month. Our DD was 1yo - we used it everyday and it was excellent!!! It went so many places that a stroller simply couldn't- up castle steps, down into Roman ruins. It was so great to use to get around the public transport systems too.

I have not used a backpack since then- and don't think I would use it in everyday life as it can place a strain on your back- especially if your toddler is not a lightweight- But for a short period of time- say a holiday etc- it was invaluable!!!

I think the one my brother bought cost around $100- 150 and it is- Freetime brand. The other thing I like about this backpack is it had a little all weather shade that covered bub and protected her from the wind and sun- and it all folded up and packed away into a little storage pouch when not in use.

Hope this helps
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