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I have the childcare rover umbrella stroller. It's great has high handles, basket underneath, lays back (yay). I bought it a while back when we took DS overseas when he was 1yr old.

Now after it was tossed around like a salad on the flight the hood sorta bent and the front left wheel kinda gets stuck in one direction at times.
But my biggest problem is that when DS is in it, he seems too long for it.

Do any strollers exist that have a long seating area?

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My umbrella stroller isn't as flashy as yours. It's a $30.00 target one lol.

But it is great. However it does have a small seating area, it's doesn't lay back though, it's just a small seat for them to sit. I think my ds was in it until he turned 3, dd is in it now, and she is 2.

Maclaren quest. My DS is a big tall boy, and sleeps soundly. It recommends for up to 110cm and 25kg. Love it. Wouldn't do without...

insurance claim on the one that's damaged??? contents??
Love to tp but I left it too late! I did get it on sale though and only paid $75, so it has paid itself back!
Thanks for the tip, Dominik is tall too, (at 2yrs around 92cms) and 15kg.
I hope it would do Annika too!

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

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