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Sorry if there is TMI, but im in a similar situation. I used to have reasonable sex drive, Then after i had DS it went out the window, I also put on alot of weight and wonder if this has had alot to do with my problem,

I hardly have the drive to do anthing at all, and when i do do anything, ive finished so quick i feel like im waisting hubby's time, I tried taking cenovis tablets but that didnt help. And to make matters worse, since having DD, i have been having a bit of an excitement problem down there, and ive needed to resort to lubricants, which is nice and embarrasing to buy.

I have thought about going to the doctors to see about getting a script for testosterone, which has been know to help with sex drive but also energy too, which is another things that i have had trouble with. But once again how embarrasing to do and see the doctors for a script for that. But i might just have to suck it up and go and see him.

my MIL was recently telling me that she was on testoterone again and how good it was making her feel (hubby just sat there iwth his hands firmly over his ears) but she said it wasnt just the sex drive but the energy too.

i have often wanted to talk about this but ive always felt funny about it so im really glad someone brought it up first.

thanks heaps guys
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