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hehe i have the omron mc-510 digital ear tempreture taker thing I LOVE IT i just went in to check DS temp while he was sleeping and he didnt even wake! OMG its amazing!! HE had his shots 2nite and usually spikes a temp but so far its all good! thanx to my trusty ear tempreture taker i can check it all night without waking himmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that the one where you don't even have to touch skin??
I have that one too, I love it! For some reason the type you put under the child's armpit totally freaked my 3 year old out but with this type, she is always asking me to take her temp and loves to hold it herself!

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Layno- um u just stick it in their ear...

lol yeah DS hated the underarm one he wouldnt let me put it there and wen i finally got it he'd wriggle around and groan and sook so much!
ahh... I only asked that cos a rep came into work last week raving about this thermometer that takes temp without even touching the skin. Apparently they are using it at the RCH (melb). $90.... I was thinking about getting it but it seemed to be too much fiddling with it just to turn it on.
But I do need to get one you just pop in the ear.. so much easier.
oh ok- i'd be intereted in reading up about that one! thats what i hate about some ear ones they are too techinical its liek u need a degree in technolodgy to figure out how to turn it on (or maybe im just slow?!)

i highly reccomened an ear one they are fab! not that expensive either mine was $50
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Hi, where did you buy the omron from?

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