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Hi everyone,

I have posted this in the reviews section too but this section sees more traffic so I am hoping for some responses before it gets moved!

Our 6 month old LG front loader has spat the dummy and while we fight with LG for them to replace it, we are without a washing machine. With 2 kids under 2 it's a nightmare. So unfortunately, we have to bite the bullet and go buy another washer.

Can anyone recommend a front loader or top loader with no agitator (if they even exist) that is not made by LG and is super reliable, and reasonably priced?

Thanks in advance ladies!

hi there my washing machine died on saturday i know i got piles of washing to do well i looked on ebay and got a bargain i got a 7.5 kilo fisher and pykal its only 5 years old for $250 i thought what a bargain its the smart drive one so it does not unbalance and my mum has one and has had no problems look on ebay grab yaself a bargain

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We got an Asko front loader about 2.5 years ago. Bit pricey compared to the other brands - but not as expensive as Miele !

I average about a load a day. Haven't had any problems with it. Love the super fast wash cycle (only 30 mins to do a load).
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