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just wondering if anyone has used a vapouriser in their childs bedroom?

our ds usually coughs most nights and usually has a stuffy nose. i have spoken to 3 different people at work who all have children of their own (at least 2 each) and they said the swear by them.

how did you find them?

i was called ballo!

I cant use a vapouriser in my house as DP is a chronic asthmatic and Doctors say its bad for asthmatics, But im sure others will be able to help you out!

We have used one for Coen since birth, as he has been a snuffly baby from the word go.
We only use the euculyptus on the odd occasion, we usually just let it steam.

Just be careful, if you leave it on all night every night it can cause mould. I tend to turn it off around 2-3am.(thats when I usually have to get up to the loo.. hehe!)
They are fantastic!! I never thought they would really make that much difference, but this winter my DS has copped a few runny noses and coughs, and they make his nights sooooo much better!
I had to go buy my own on the weekend as our friends needed theirs back, but it's a lifesaver! I put in eucalytpus oil or the Euky Bear mixture (eucalytpus with a few other oils) and seriously, it makes it so much better for him. You can smell it within about 20 minutes of starting, and it just soothes their breathing so much.

So yes, I would definitely recommend it - at the very least they don't cost much, and it cannot do them any harm!

Good luck!
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