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Hi was just wondering if anyone has used a baby seat for in the bath tub, what is a good brand?, anything particular to look for when buying one? thx
Hi Bernunie,

I have an "Ok Baby's Buddy" seat and it's great. I've had it for ages so I can't remember the price but I got it from Baby Co. It's been used for both babies and it's really safe and steady. It says up to 8kg but my DS is 8.5kg and is still in it perfectly fine.

Cheers, Mel
We were given one for Ryan at christmas time, and it was great. But just be careful as we noticed that his knees were being a little scrapped occasionally going in and out as the plastic could have been a little sharp.
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OUrs was a Safety 1st brand. It had 360degree swivel and suction caps to secure it to the bottom of the bath. Seemed to work for a little while until DD puttled off the suction caps and it was never the same after that. She started to climb out if the seat also which proved more of a hassle and danger than not having the seat in the bath at all. The seat served its purpose for a few months until she wanted not to be confined when having a bath.

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