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Babylove Tandem Lite Stroller Rss


I'm wondering if any mum's out there have ever used or would recommend the Babylove Tandem Lite Stroller.

I've been looking at many tandem strollers and this is the one that seems to be my favourite at the moment however I'm having mixed feelings as i've read some reviews and many of them have bagged this stroller.

If anyone has one or would recommend or not recommend could you please let me know. Or if there's a tandem stroller out there that you've found great could you let me know. It's a lot of money to spend and i don't want to waste it.


Alicia QLD Mum of one Princess & two Princes

Hi Alicia,

I have two children 15 months apart and I couldn't live without the baby love tandem lite stroller. I love it! It's not heavy at all and so easy to maneouvre.

Hope this helps!
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Huggies Forum Moderator

I have one.

It's ok. The carrier at the bottom can be a bit hard to access if the baby is lying flat down.

Would have liked a drink/food tray for myself and the kids. Bit hard to push a pram and hold a drink at the same time.

Can also be a bit hard to push with a bigger child seated on the front.

If you lived near me (Melbourne), would be more than welcome to come round and try my pram out.

It's just sitting in the boot because DD prefers to walk to sit in a trolley.

Thanks heaps for your offer that's really nice of you. Unfortunately I live in QLD.


Alicia QLD Mum of one Princess & two Princes

Hi Alicia,

I have this pram, don't use it much though. Not because it's no good, I just find it easier to put the boys in the trolley now! But I AM going to start walking again soon so will definatly use it then. I find it real easy to steer and it folds up pretty small too.

Where in QLD are you, cos like another poster suggested you can come try mine out if you like? We are in the bayside area of Brissy.

DSS 13yr, DS1 4yr, DS2 3yr

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