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Baby Perfume. Rss

Hiya! I was just online ordering some yummy stuf for dd and i and i seen an add for a baby perfume. Does anyone use perfume on their bubs? Before you go biting my head off, it was a special perfume made for use on bubs. It was made by Versace and i was wondering if anyone had any feedback???
No sorry, I havent heard of it but I couldnt use it my dd's all have very sensitive skin
Nope, DD doesnt use perfume, and in my opinion she wont be using it for a long long time, i dont really see the point in Baby perfume, i actually think it is ridiculous! but thats just me smile each to there own...

3 Little Ones to Love.....

I can honestly say I had never heard of this before reading your post.

But............why would someone do this? I think bubs have such a unique scent - why mask it?

It's not something I would do, but as they say you learn something new every day and I would have been none the wiser had I not read your post.
nope sorry ...I like my baby to smell like baby

You know J&J baby powder and that smell that you miss when they are bigger ...personally would never cover it up

how old are your kids ???
My dd is nearly 14 months. I thought it was a bit harsh to use something like that on a baby. Im glad im not the only one!
yeps, gotta love a natural baby smell!! I love baby shampoo!!
personally I wouldnt ...let them be little for as long as you can I say !!

they grow up fast enough as it is ..they dotn need any help from us .....

I have never heard of baby perfume ....what a gimmic !!!
Oh i agree they do grow up so fast!! I had personally never heard of this baby perfume and wondered weather many mums used it.
I love smelling my dd they way she is! I use Lush Ickle baby baff in her baths and its just gorgeous.
And i use a massage cream on her and thats it. (other than shampoo and conditioner!)
I have started useing that new one from J&J ..the Aveno range is gorgous ..really soft adn has a beautiful light smell..I have a littel boy and he is definatly all boy if you know what I mean !!!I dotn neccecarily want him smelling like fruit and flowers but also think he is a big young to smell like Rexona as well ha ha ha

I use the Aveno range for adults on myself and my skin is loking really good ...great for under my fake tan ..not sticky at all ..I was so dry and horrible before
When i had my dd i was given a big gift basket of j&j stuf and i used it for the first month and my dd had such sensitive skin i couldnt use it. She has excema and i have to use other stuf. But i will always remember that smell form j&j! Very baby! mmmm...
****! Youre kidding me right? Padded bra's for 8 year olds, perfume for baby's.... What the hell will they think of next!
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