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angel care sound and movement? Lock Rss

Hey there everybody was wondering if n e body had one of these monitors, and if its better to have one sensor pad or two? smile
I have an agelcare monitor with only one pad and if I was going to buy one now I would buy one with two sensor pads because my daughter moves around so much
(I am sure she must crawl in her sleep) and I have the sensor in the middle of the cot and it sometimes goes off if she is laying across the top or bottom of the cot)
So if you are looking at buying one i would definately say 2 sensor pads!
we have one for our DD that has the two pads. she is well and truly over the stage of needing it i guess (she is 18 months) but as she is still in the cot we still use the movement alarm - just for peace of mind. i would definately go the two pads - only because littlies move so much during the night and if they get too far off the pad the alarm goes off.
just sold ours did not know they came with 2 pads. the only drama I had with it was that bib would roll off the pad hence making the alarm beep so 2 pads probably better to give more coverage

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hi how are you i got the one with two mats its excellent works really well very sensetive i couldnt put a fan in her room or leave a window open lol only really had 1 problem with it the alarm went of one time when maddi was asleep in there not sure why but it really scared me anyway goodluck kylie

I have the one with one pad, I didn't realise until one summer day I forgot to turn it off after taking DD out and it didn't beep!!!! That was because of the fan, and no matter what i did to adjust the sensitivity it still would not detect no bub in cot with the fan on sad
I was contemplating getting the two mat one, but really want the one that SIDS recommends (about $200) but can't remember the name. DOes anyone know the one I am talking about???

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Thanx heaps 2 u all. 2 pad sensor it is!!!
We have had the opposite experience. We have a one pad sensor and it is great and picks up bubby no matter where in the cot he is and always has. It has gone off twice but once was because it wasn't on the slats in his cot properly (it has to lay flat and all edges be on a hard surface) and the second time he was in a port-a-cot and it had a soft base. Personally I don't think you need to pads and have had several people who have had them and it alwasy seems that the second pad chucks it in and has to be replaced.
I have one with 2 pads and my little boy moves all over the cot. I have never had a problem. I would suggest get one with 2 pads.
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