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I just wanted to RAVE about (other brand) bedtime bath stuff I love it
I have been using it for a week now and as soon as bubba has his bath and has the cream rubbed into him its light out within 10 mins wooohooo before this his first sleep after his bath he would fight and fight and fight, the only question I had about it has anyone had their bubbies get reaction to the oil, I put some of the oil on his skin one night and he now has a rash from it, I know its not the cream as that goes on his legs and arms, ( idid this intentionally to see if there was a reaction and only the skin on his tummy where the oil was has the rash.
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I love those bath things too! Have used them for both my sons. Haven't used the oil though? Is it maybe a little concentrated to straight on his skin? I've used plain baby oil but only in the bath water. Or maybe he's allergic to some of the oil ingredients, not the lavender?

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He wouldn't be alergic to the Lavender as the J&J products contain no Lav or Chammomile, they are synthetic fragrances not essential oils. As to why he may be getting a reaction to the oil, J&J oil is not an oil in the true sense (ie. olive oil) and coats the skin in a plastic like film not allowing the skin to breathe. What you would be better off doing is buying a pure Lavender Essential Oil (around $5 from the supermarket) and mixing with olive oil and massage with that, you will also get the theraputic benefits too.
I use the(other brand)too and love it. My DD has sensitive skin and I still use it for her at 7, - she has a bath with DS most nights and they come out smelling delicious.
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