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Just wondering what you girls think of ear thermometers? I am thinking of getting one and not sure if they are good. or even a forehead one if anyone has one.



We were looking at the ear thermometers but ended up getting one that you can use on the forehead or the ear. And to be honest, even though they are something that you don't use that much, we have found it to be worth its weight in gold. It is sooooooo easy to take DS's temp now as you only have to put it 1cm away from his temple, press the button and it's done.

We bought it brand new off ebay for $30.00 (including postage) which beat the prices in the shops hands down.


All I could suggest would be one that doesn't require you to hold it in your child's ear for too long. Ours is a Safely First and you have to hold it there in the ear for 4 secs. Though not a long time, it is when they are moving their head from side to side wanting it out. A forehead thermometer may be a better option or I have seen ones at where you just stick a plastic square it on the forehead and get a reading that way (I think it is a use once only though).

hope this helps,

The braun ear thermometer has been road tested and is considered one of the most durable, has the least problems and least returns of all ear and forehead thermometers.

The forehead thermometers seem to break (mostly during their warranty period which is better than just outside it but a real pain if you want an answer in the middle of the night.

I have just recently in the last month purchased the Braun ear thermometer and it is brilliant.

It remembers the temp of the last time you took it so if you baby has a high temp, you give them panadol and you then take their temp 1/2 later, it gives you the last reading - very handy.

I would highly recommend this one.

I have a braun Htermoscan and I think it is wonderful ...i jsut about always have it stuck in my DS ear .......really quick and accurate ...easy to read ..been dropped heaps adn has also been known to have a bath in spit when DS getts hold of it and has a bit of a suck
I just bought a ear one for $50. I think they are great we have been using them in hospitals for years.
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