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emjoi gently gold vs braun silk epil Lock Rss

Which is better, does anyone know. Would like some feedback and tips if poss?
I've had both and I personally think the braun is much better. When I bought it the braun was cheaper too. They basically do the same thing but the braun is lighter and easier to handle. Plus I think it looks nicer than the emjoi. If I remember correctly the braun also felt a bit less painful on my legs. You get used to the slight pulling sensation after the first few sessions anyway.

DD 18 months


have only ever had the braun silk epil and haven't had any probs with it. it does hurt a bit a first, but you get used to it. the skilk epil is easy to clean and used to come with a leg moisturiser also (not too sure it does these days). They seem to last a long time, bought my present one about 5 years ago or so.

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