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peg perego venezia Lock Rss

Hi I was just wondering if there was anyone that owns a newer model Venezia (2005+) that can tell me a little about the wheels. I like the pram overall but because i will be using it primarily for walking around streets and park, not in shopping centres, I am wondering how the wheels will handle outdoor surfaces. If anyone has any insight i would be very grateful

I have a venezia fro 4 years ago and for outdoors its not great. Its better for shopping centres. If you are on an uneven surface you need to lock the wheels. Also the wheels have no suspension. not like the 3 wheelers that they have now. Mind you I went from the peg perego to valco and the valco is much smoother to push. They are a bit heavier and you need a good size boot for a 3 wheeler. However, I think the 3 wheelers are not as bulky these days. But i prefered the peg to the 3 wheelers, because i am used to the peg so much I know how to handle it. But I am rambling now,Its what you get used to. To be honest, I think the peg has had its day, and the sooner baby goes into a layback stroller the better(mclaren make good ones). Im rambling again.
basically if you do alot of walking, a 3 wheeler is better. Go and test drive one at babyco or wherever you buy prams there.
thnaks jeanettez,

yeah i think that you make the right point. there is another four wheelerout at the moment which looks like it has good tyres and suspension - it is the steelcraft strider. I will be testing a few this weekend so see how we go.

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