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What do you use to wash childs clothes? Rss

Just wondering what everyone uses to wash childs clothes. I use lux for my 10mth old daughter.
I use fab for both DD's 22months and 6months. I tried amolin and it gave DD#1 a rash and same with lux :S I really love the smell of the frangipani one smile
When my older 2 were all babies I only used Lux flakes, but in the last year I switched to Amolin Liquid as my older 2 children have skin allergies so can't use the other detergents ie Surf, Fab, Cold Powder etc as they all contain too many perfumes/fragrances, so I now use Amolin Liquid as found that was better as the lux was a pain to keep disolving all the time, so I even started out just using Amolin on my 3rd baby too and didn't bother with the lux this time around and my kids have no reactions to it at all.


We use Radiant and Nappy San. Would like to try something else but am a bit wary of doing so incase DD has a reaction with her skin.


I use a liquid called Purity for my son. It washes really well, and doesn't stir up his ezcema.

Hope that helps.
Hi, I always used Amolin liquid wash when ds was little , I didnt like the smell of lux flakes or the fiddling around. I used amolin til he was about 2??
Now use radiant and napisan if needed. He has always had pretty sensitive skin but copes fine with these ;-]
I use softly liquid, its for people with sensitive skin and it smells beautiful, its about $5 for a litre but it lasts awhile. all my other mum friends use it as well, its similar to amolin.
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