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Cushioning seat for shopping trolleys? Lock Rss

i got my daughters one from ebay for 30 something bucks. great investment. it covers all the parts of the bars and seat so she cant touch it, it comes with a safety belt thing to go around her and it has little pockets at the sides which i put her snacks and drink in. theres also loops on the front where you can loop toys onto it and it comes in a plastic bag that you can keep it in your boot in. its easy to wash and can go in the dryer too.

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days


My friend makes these. You can either let her choose the material or buy the material yourself and she will make it. If anyone is interest, I can pass on her details to you. They came with a cushion that is easily removed for washing, cove the whole seat including the handle at the front so babies can pick up minimal germs.

I love mine and use it every time I go to the shops

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