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Cushioning seat for shopping trolleys? Lock Rss

Hi all,
Just wondering if anybody can help me. I'm looking for a seat that fits into the child seat of the shopping trolley. It is cushioned all around & is extra support for the bub when he sits in it. I've actually seen a couple of people with it.

Does anybody know the costing & where I can purchase it from??
Hi Hun,

You can get these from ebay, or online. Some baby shops carry them too.

My one is called a "Clean Shopper" or the other brand I have heard of is "Trolley Monster". Both of these companies have websites and are available on Ebay so you should find them easily enough.

My Clean Shopper was about $40 I think, and I believe the Trolley Monsters are about $50-$60 [not 100% sure, can't remember sorry!].

Good luck - they are FANTASTIC!!

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

i was also wondering where i could get 1. Thanks for the info!!!
They are such a great idea!
I saw them advertised in the back of Practical parenting magazine!!!
Ahh JUst found it here
Trolley Mate ph:1300558106

Thanks for the info everyone I will give these places a try.
I just saw one for the first time a couple of days ago and thought what a great idea! will have to get one when bub is a bit older
The trolley monster brand is made by mums for mums. I have the pram set for my twin pram and the quality is excellent. They have there own storage bag with a smelly sacthet to keep them smelling nice.

try visiting trolley monster
hi, my mum in law made mine from a pattern from spotlight, but you can get them from Malouf Group Pharmacies for about $39.
cheers nikki smile

I actually purchused a clean shopper (super soft) about 1 month ago after looking at all the different type of trolley seat covers for bub. I found the clean shopper brand to be the better one, as it fully covers the whole seating area where bub seats, so bub cant get their mouths on any bit of trolley beside them. It has a safety strap and a couple of loops for where you can attach bubs toys.
These are the different ones: (trolley sungs)
If you purchuse a clean shopper online you get $2.00 off and because I have purchused a super soft clean shopper, if you refer my referal code you will get an extra $4.00 off the whole price. If you would like that extra savings $4.00 off please email me or message me and i will provide you with my referal code and explain how to do so.

mine is the trolley mate $40 from spotlight.
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Huggies Forum Moderator
Hi Everyone....

I went to trolleymonsters web site....They wear so well and they come up fantastic when you need to wash them.....I have the trolley monster and the nappy free mat(which I won by submitting my photo of the trolley monster in action) I have a pram liner and now with baby2 on the way, I have ordered the car seat cover, just to make things look like new....
listen to me.....I should sell them.....
Love them heaps.....
from $40-$90(thats the nappy free mat)
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