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I have a kodak digital camera that's 3.1 megapixels and am thinking of getting a newer camera with more megapixels (at least 7 megapixels) but I'm not sure if it will make much of a difference with print quality.
I print most photos at the kiosks and would like to print some bigger prints every now and then (8" x 10") and larger

Will I notice much change from going up in megapixels?

Is there a difference in print quality from printing at kiosk or home? e.g is one better than other or no one can tell difference?

With a new camera I'd stick with Kodak or go with Sony Cybershot or the Canon one that's being advertised a fair bit on tv

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Hi Christina

When I bought my camera I asked people in the know, as in photographers. I bought the Panasonic Lumix camera (JB Hi-fi have this one on sale, I think), it is 6.1 megapixels. It is a really good camera and has plenty of features for taking good photos. The differences in megapixels is noticeable when you enlarge photos, obviously the larger the photo the need for higher megapixels is advantageous. I have printed 15X20 photos with my camera and they look awesome.

I have been told from said professionals that kiosk photos, especially instant are generally not the best, as over time they do fade quicker. Proper photo processing will make the photos last longer and be better quality when it comes to colour, vibrancy etc. Also, a matt finish is better than gloss.

Hope this helps....
Hi... The bigger the photo you want, the more megapixals you need.
I brought the olympus M720SW. The waterproof and shockproof one. Its fantastic, althouh i needed my camera to be waterproof as we go to the snow every year and needed something that would be really good in that type of weather, and my partner and friends go motorbike riding and use it then aswell.
Its 7.1 megapixals with 3 times optical zoom, and comes with its own lithium charger so theres no need to have to buy new batterys all the time.
Hope I helped smile
I have an Olympus as well. Much the same as the one mentioned above. Except not actually water proof, just water resistant. 7.1 megapixals, 3x optical zoom.
This is my first digital camera,and I find it really easy to use. And it has lots of features if you choose to use them. I've never worked out how to use my DP's camera(can't remember what brand).

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