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Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this cookbook?? I have just ordered it through our local bookstore and can't wait to receive it but would like hear others views on it as well.

I am hoping that by using it and eliminating most of the additives and preservatives found in todays food, my DS might calm down abit.


What is it? I have never heard of it, does it help with eliminating additives etc, because my DS has problems with the preservatives 282 & 202 which are found in a lot of breads, cakes, some sausages etc. I'm sort of having a bit of trial & error to work out where the problem is.
It is recommended on the website

Here is what it says about it:

Reducing food chemicals for calm, happy families: This revolutionary book contains hundreds of new and improved recipes for all kinds of occasions. With the help of these tasty and easy-to-follow recipes for breakfasts, lunches, main meals and desserts, through to food for special occasions, vegetarian cooking and gluten-free food - and by following Sue's step by step guide to eliminating harmful natural and added food chemicals - it is possible to be free of a wide range of health and behavioural problems caused by food intolerance. In this comprehensive Failsafe Cookbook, Sue has written and compiled hundreds of new and improved recipes for all kinds of occasions, as well as detailed information about food intolerance and the elimination diet.

The second revised edition was just released in March this year. It sounds really interesting and I am going to give it ago with DS. If you google it, loads of different sites come up that have more information on it.

Thanks for that, I will have to have a look, his behaviour is fine but I find when he eats anything with those preservatives he complains of stomach pains and ends up with diarrhea.
When you say it calms kids etc do you mean hyperactivity or aggression? My DS is a calm kid but with no attention span, I don't know if this is just a 3yo thing or not, I was also thinking of trying the Kidsmart Omega 3 burstlets
Our DS also has a limited attention span. He is quite a well behaved calm child about 60% of the time but the other 40%.. well.. he is like a devil. He has been consitpated for the last 15 months so never really ate anything at all. We had a hospital stay last week to fix that problem up and now he is like an eating machine. I am hoping that by using this book, I might be able to tackle both of his issues at once. And at least he will be eating extremely healthy as well which is never a bad thing.

Hello! we have the Fedup book & DVD and it is amazing to read /watch and be able to pin point certain behaviours. We had both our children on the elimination diet and found that most of the savoury things added to food made them hypo. My eldests son was also diagnosed with asthma but since we eliminated savoury additives in the food he has not used his ventalin puffer. We have the cook book as well and find it certainly has made things easier in our house.

Good Luck!
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