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did you buy a PHIL'N'TED DOUBLE? Lock Rss

thanks for the added comments! =)

i certainly would never buy a side-by-side as they are far to wide (except one or two brands where the rear axcel is the same width as the valco single - BUT - the seats are very very narrow and my toddler wouldnt have any room, he isnt big, but his shoulders still almost met each side!)..

how much did everyone pay for there phil'n'ted?... a few months ago i went and looked thoroughly at both the PnT and valco and although the valco was still $750, the PnT was $1000 (with the doubles kit). Im just concerned that my toddler will not get enough use out the PnT to spend so much?..- hes already driving us mad with the 'im not sitting in the pram!" (although he HAS to as hes to young to 'stay put' and just runs away).

i thought the toddler seat may me a novelty for a least a few more months until we trust him to walk next to the pram.

as a single pram, i would prefer the valco as it has lots more on it, but as a double, the PnT seems safest- but far more expensive =(

this is driving me mad! - the pro's and cons are equal for both...i just dont know- if it was only $300-$400 i wouldnt mind, id just buy any of the buggers, but when your talking about an easy grand for a PRAM i really need to make sure im going to be happy!. Ill go and have another look at them tonight i think and see if one grabs my heart more.!

thanks so much =)

i hiope others have had (or are having) this crazy debate at the moment, or am i being way to stupid about it all and should just buy any?

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

Mummybearclaire, can I ask who quoted you that price for the PnT pram??? I've just popped one on layby at a local babystore called Bubs Kawana and I only paid $560 (normal price, not on sale) and it will cost $100 more for the toddler seat. Perhaps have a look online at Babies Galore or as I'm sure you can purchase them cheaper than what you were told! I'd definately NOT pay $1000 for it, even though its a great pram, thats a crazy price! I understand your hesitation!
About the Valco pram, I saw one the other day with the toddler seat on it, the toddler was sort of jumping in the air a little then back onto his bum (sitting down) and the whole thing was shaking and rocking and the newborn underneath was getting shaken around quite roughly!
Goodluck with your choice!

DD Giarna 25/05/05 DS Cameron 15/01/08

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