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did you buy a PHIL'N'TED DOUBLE? Lock Rss

has anyone got the phil n ted e3 double that they can comment on? the time has come for us to buy a new pram that both DS and new bub can both sit in.

it has come down to the valco OR phil'n'ted.

i really do prefer the p'n't one as it is so much smaller BUT
there is NO storage apart from the tiny basket under neath and thats not accessable when pram used as a double... so, im wonder from all you mummies who have one... what do you do for storage?

do you just hang a nappy bag (oh i hate those bulky things) over the handles????

also, the seats dont look very comfy, infact quite hard, so did you buy an insert? if so, the phil'n'ted one or different?


Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

I have this pram and love it!!
Although I am still waiting for the arrival of no 2 and haven't actually used it with 2 bubs yet, I am so glad I bought it..
You can buy saddle bags that hang on the side of the pram for storage + I have a nappy bag on the back...(just a slim-line one)...
You can buy lambs wool seat inserts which I have and also a sleeping bag..
The web site is very informative and you can check all the accessories as well...
I hope I have helped a bit and am happy to answer any questions you have..
Hi, I loved my phil n ted for the 1st 6 months, but now I find that when my 8 month old wants to sit you have to swap the seats around, adjust the straps and you can't do this unless you go the parents rooms as you have to take both of them out! Then when baby wants to have a sleep again you have to do this all over again (very painful). I have found also now that my baby is a bit heavier that she does not like laying it is as it has no back support. Also as you mentioned when baby is asleep you cannot access under storage! Helpful hint I used the linkadoos (loops) and hung my baby bag on the side of pram.

I recently purchased a Maclaren twin stroller and love it, light and compact for my small boot.

Note: if you are thinking of purchasing the phil n ted I recommend ebay as the 2nd hand market for these prams is pretty big! You may not get warranty but you will save on the dollars.

Hope this helps with your decision!

Mother of two = 2&8mths and 8mths

Shell - Kyan 25/8/04 & Charley 25/8/06


I don't have a Phil N Ted but I have heard nothing but great things about them. I do, however, have a valco and I can tell you one thing for sure - STAY AWAY FROM VALCO!!! You will do yourself no favours buying a valco as there is no aftersales service and the pram can be VERY unstable and impossible to steer at the best of times. Also it's wheel base is ridiculously wide and you can never get into door ways without hitting something! Definitely go for the P'nT!

Cheers, Mel
I have this pram (the previous model, not the current one which has a few extra features I think). I love it. Yes there is a lack of storage, but most of the time I just wear my backpack. Otherwise you can get pannier bags that strap to the sides, and also a small bag (looks like a bum bag) that straps onto the handle.

I never find it a problem to swap the seats around when I need to, though I find I'm hardly ever out when my baby needs a sleep. If she does, she usually falls asleep sitting up anyway.

My oldest (2.5 yrs) now thinks it's cool to sit in the bottom seat (probably not recommended, but I just never let go of the pram, and she isn't very heavy) so my 11 month old enjoys sitting in the front.

I would definitely recommend it. It's so compact and lightweight. I have also heard bad feedback regarding Valco - my friend has one and she hates it. But I'm sure there are people out there who like them too, just as with the Phil N Ted one.

Leah wink
hahaha oh NO, this post has posed more problems than original! haha... i hadnt heard of anyone not happy with valco, so now i need to consider the things a couple of you have mentioned!... =( how hard can a pram decision be? (VERY HARD- i honestly can not think of one time in my life where i have thought so hard over one thing trying to make a decision!)

thanks so much for all the advice, ill take all into consideration!

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

I am planning on getting the Phil and Ted double because I am currently 20wks pregnant and Phoebe will be approx 14mths when bub#2 is due. I have been and looked at the pram at the baby store and I have nothing but good coments about them, although I don't own one yet. But yes, the only downfall is there isnt much storage space

Great pram I think, no other one like it!!
hi, i have the phil and ted, and absolutely LOVE IT!!
best decision ive made in the pram department smile

I purchased the P&T's e3 double kit version 2 in January. I have 2 boys (14.5mths & 6.5wks). Before getting the P&T's I test drove all different kinds of double prams in the store. As I'm short....very short, the side by side and the long front and back doubles were way too awkward for me to drive. The shop assistant suggested the P&T's. Test drove with my son in it as number 2 hadn't arrived yet.

Wow....couldn't believe how light weight it was with him in it. Not much heavier with number 2 in there now either. The best thing about the pram is, it's the same size as a single. Easy to drive, compact in the car and very easy to fold and open....don't have to hold buttons and press levers, it GREAT!

Number 2 just slides in and out and number one loves it up top as he is closer to everyone now. Found him waving to everyone at the shopping centre the other day...all I could do was laugh.

I have the saddle bags for the side storage. But the phil & ted range is amazing. We are thinking about getting the backpack as well mainly for when I go to the shopping centre and need to get a few things. I found sometimes I just don't have enough room in the 2 saddle bags with all the things you have to pack for 2 seems to take up most of the room.

I would certainly recommend this pram to anyone especially if they are planning on having 2 bubbies. Had we known about it prior to our first bubs arrival, we would have saved ourselves $400 on the first pram purchase.

Why not test drive one and ask to check out some of the accessories. We are planning on also buying the seat inserts for comfort as the seats don't seem to have a lot of padding and although they don't look uncomfortable, they could do with extra padding. That would be the only thing I think they could improve on with the product.

Good luck with the purchase what ever it might be.

Mum to Alexander & Nicholas

Hope I don't add to the confusion but I spoke to a mum I saw pushing one of these when I was expecting my 2nd.

She was generally happy but pointed out that the child in the lower seat could potentially get fingers caught in the wheel as there is nothing to protect little fingers and hands if they dangle out.

I have ended up using a buggy board which is fine for short trips but am now considering getting the Maclaren side by side for longer trips (I have been using a single Maclaren and after using some cheaper brands, wouldn't get any other brand if considering a stroller).

A friend has the Valco with the toddler seat. She says that it is hard to steer and she wouldn't turn her back on the pram for a second as it is quite unstable with the toddler in the seat.

I think at the end of the day, there is no perfect pram (single or double) so it's just a matter of weighing up the pros and cons of each for you.

Good luck!
The old phil n teds had the problem, now it comes with wheel guards so there is no way that fingers can get caught!!!
I have 2 bubs that are 16 months apart and I was reluctant to buy one because i thought that my DD, but i heard nothing but good things about it so i went and had a look, after getting a demonstation i definately had to get one and now i absolutely love it (I have the new sport model)!
My DD has been in the toddler seat since she was about 10 weeks old as it reclines more than the e3, and she loves it, she can see a lot!
The basket underneath can hold so much! it has buttons that you can undo for easy access, i never have a need to take a bag anywhere but on the odd occasion, if we are going to be out all day i just use a small backpack.
If you are having doubts go to a baby shop and get demonstrations on the prams that you like, but i definately recommend the phil n teds!

DS 03/10/05 & DD 06/02/07

Hi, I have a valco limo style pram and I think it is great, It has great steering and so light I can push it around with one hand also weighs less than our old steelcraft 3 wheeler so easier to lift in and out of the car, also has heaps of storage in the basket underneath. Only problem we had with it was my son pulling on and playing with the sunshade as it doesn't lock into place so my partner took it off altogether as I only usually use it in shopping centres etc so for short periods DS is fine without it as long as he has a hat on. The detachable tray for the toddler is great too.
Goodluck with your decision, oh the only thing I don't reccomend is a side by side pram, everyone I know thinks it was the worst decision they ever made!

mum to two gorgeous guys

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