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Thinking of buying a new one, maybe a 'Wet to Dry' one. My current one (cheapo) makes my hair go frizzy if there is any moisture still in it after washing it, so wondering what other people use and recommend.

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Hi, I too had a few cheapo ones and i did some research and came to the conclusion that the GHD straightener was the best. I've been using it for about 3 years and am 100% happy with it. I only have to go over a section of hair once and its dead straight, so in my opinion it was $300 well spent.

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I have an aunty who is a hairdresser and she has a daughter with naturally curly hair and its really thick. She swears by the Remington Wet to Dry Straightner from Priceline. You can pick them up for about $100 - $130. Check their brochures cause they always have them on special. I got one for $80.
My recommendation is a brand called "wahl" (pronouned Whale) cutek". I have had 2 hairdressers recommend it and I love it. It's got no bells and whistles - it just does the job and does it good. I was told it was in line with the GHD but for a fraction of the price. They are available from "The Good Guys" and I got mine on special for $70. Bargain!!!

However, it is not wet to dry - I was told to avoid those...

Good Luck!
I have the Stefans (pink) hair straightener and it is fantastic, it's as good as the GHD. It costs about $200 but i think if u take ur old straightener in u get $50 off which is not too bad. Good luck!


have a GHD hair straightener which I have had no troubles with. I bought it new on e-bay and including the postage saved about $65 compared to buying it in store.

Hope this helps,

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