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has anyone got feedback on these dj's?
hey Nae, i used mobydisc fr my wedding all be it 13 years ago almost, but they were great and professional, and also funny, he even did some of the MC'ing, although we had our own MC, the DJ, got everyone up and dancing and let us know what was coming up next. We did spend ages going thru song sheets though, i wonder if they still do that, surely it has to be way more advanced these days, but i can't complain. did the job well./
Thanks yvette! I'm a little worried as a few people have told me they're quite dodgey. One girl has even said they didn't show up to a few weddings and another has said they're getting banned from a few venues due to poor service. I know they're Australian Wide so i'm hoping it was just a few certain dj's. I asked if i could make an appointment for a demo and to go through music but she changed the subject saying i could tell them over the phone or email. Might push for that appointment lol... i might ask my friend, he's a bridal photographer so he's seen quite a few djs.
yeah, we definately saw the guy and had an appointment with him, he went thru what songs we wanted for isle , cake, reception as hubby and wife etc, and had a backup plan if things went a bit crazy so we didn't worry if the songs were not what we expected (everything was fine though). If i couldn't make ana pppoint to see who and what service i was paying for i would probably look elsewhere also. I guess they are like childcare workers, some are great, some not so much.. good idea to get your friends opinion.
LOL Yvette, these days they dont use song sheets, instead bring along their laptop, and go thru all the music they have downloaded on there! I'll have a dig thru my wedding stuff and see who I used Denae. They were really good, good price. Even made up a cd of the special songs and gave it to us!
well thankyou for pointing that out Mel, you have made me feel i'm surprised you didn't ask me what a song sheet
hey there, just wondering what state you live in as I'm from the gold coast QLD,and used Peppers entertainment for my wedding and they where awesome.... not sure if they do other states though, very professional and a good price to, the DJ stayed for a extra hour at no cost as the guests didnt want him to leave.. would definatly recommend them to everyone for a function

Tys mummy qld

haha you girls are so funny!! Thanks mele that would be great! smile
Hey im in WA! Don't know if they're over here or not. Only problem is that they're alot cheaper then other places and i've already booked them. I just presumed cos they were australian wide that they'd be half decent

They reuined our wedding day. 

Everything was filmed so I am happy to show anyone who is thinking of using MOBY DISC what they did at our wedding.

I am trying to save couples from going through what we have!

Our dj was RUDE and AGGRESSIVE from the moment she arrived. The venue told us that as we didn't arrive until later. She seemed to no want to be there.

She was provided with 2 CDs of our 1st dance. The one she played SKIPPED the whole way through our first dance.  I asked her to CHANGE THE CD while we were doing our 1ST DANCE and she said NO! 

MOBY DISC advertise they understand the importance of your 1st dance but clearly they DIDN'T CARE FOR OURS.

Right after our HIGHLY EMBARRESSING 1st dance our mc  called everyone up to the the limbo. 

Once the limbo song had finished there were still people up waiting to have their turn. 

She DIDN'T press repeat or play another song she made them do it in SILENCE. NO MUSIC AT ALL. Another EMBARRASSING moment caused by MOBY DISC.

After the limbo she pulled me aside and ARGUED with ME IN FRONT of EVERYONE in the front of the room. 
Explaining to me how she has 10 years experience and that if she had changed the cd it would of been embarrassing. I explained to her that what is embarrassing is that she has '10 years experience' and made this HUGE MISTAKE. She kept trying to get right in my face and was very aggressive.
 I told her this was our day not her day and that this was not the time or the place and my husband and I were the bigger people and walked away from her...

There  was NO MUSIC PLAYED at all. (another time separate to the limbo)  She SHOVED HER HAND in my MOTHERS FACE when my mother asked her WHY there was NO MUSIC being PLAYED.

I had printed 5 time line sheets with CDs of what important songs at what time.
I also printed off the MOBY DISC Play list but she didn't get it out of the plastic sleeve so had to spend time at MY WEDDING RECEPTION ON MY MOBILE PHONE LOOKING UP our MOBY DISC PLAYLIST!

Therefore until we arrived and I got on my phone no music off our play list was being played! Our guests chose their favorite song to be played at our wedding reception on their rsvps.  Not everyone's songs were played. 

There was a time when ONLY MEN were on the DANCE FLOOR dancing to the 'the boys light up' and she followed it with 'MAN I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN' which of course CLEARED THE DANCE FLOOR!

Another Dj arrived and the 1st Dj didn't tell the 2nd Dj about our time line so after the bouquet toss I was sitting on a chair in front of everyone waiting to do the GARTER TOSS and he continued to play 'ALL THE SINGLE LADIES' we waited for him to change it to 'YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON' which he DIDN'T so I had to GET UP OFF THE CHAIR IN FRONT of EVERYONE and WALK OVER to him and SHOW HIM the TIME LINE and how it CLEARLY STATED WHAT SONG TO PLAY. He apologized and told me the woman (FIRST DJ) DIDN'T SHOW HIM!


I received $200 compensation for what happened. Which I was told MOBY DISC LOST OUT by refunding $200. My reply was MOBY DISC HASN'T LOST OUT ANYWHERE NEAR AS MUCH AS WE HAVE!  

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