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What is the best family car Lock Rss

We are thinking about buying a new car. not sure at this point weather it will be second hand or new. I have not brought a car before so have no idea whats on the market. Please help me.

Big thanks
We currently have 2 cars, a Prado and a Camry. This is our 3rd Camry and I love it. Much prefer it to the Prado. I have 3 kids all in car seats still and I can comfortably fit them all in the Camry. Also it is very fuel efficient for a car of it's size. Not sure about the newer model but ours only needs to be serviced every 15000km compared to alot of cars that need to be done every 10000km.

I've never broken down in a Camry and have never had to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars on repairs. Having said that I'm sure there are plenty of others out there who hate Camrys. Cars are a very personal thing.

Good luck

I love my subaru forester, it's got plenty of room, but it's not like those pesty 4wds on the road!! I have owned a 2nd hand one and now have a new one and have been very happy with both. They are easy to put prams in and still fit everything else.
Have fun car shopping!!

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Ill have to say I agree with I love my job and that I love my Camry. It is pretty good on the fuel (4 cylinder) and can easily fit 3 baby seats in the back seat. It is really easy to fit the baby seats in as the seat belts have an automatic lock off feature so you don't have to use a locking clip (think most toyota's have this feature). My Camry has never broken down. I would absolutely recommend a Camry for a family car.

We also have a fairlane and a falcon but I don't like them nearly as much as my Camry. They are gas guzzlers.

Hope you find one thats suitable for your family!

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I would go with a 4WD for safety reasons it doesnt have to be a big one I have a Holden Captiva and just love it.

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Hi my dh and i brought a 2nd hand falcon station wagon and i love it. When we brought it it really wasnt that old. It has heaps of space and is fantastic to drive great on fuel and easy to park
Good luck

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I do not own a Camry!! But i would if i didn't have so many kids, they are great DH is a mechanic and everything about them has positive feedback, My cousin just drove with 3 kids in baby seats from sydney to visit me in QLD and the fuel she used was minimal, and it was stioll roomy in the back for all 3 boys not to be squashed.
Anyway, i own a Pajero, which i love, as we go camping a lot and it was my family car for a while, now pregnant with no 6 i have had to buy an 8 seater so i have a Mitsubishi starwagon, which i also like a lot, heaps of room, but if i was to buy a sedan, the camry would probably be it for us as well..
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