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Hi all,
I was just wanting some opinions on what others out there have used and recommend in regards to baby slings. What brand is best for price...comfort...ease of use...durability..etc??? Is there ones people DON'T recommend and why? Also has anyone used a pouch/carrier and sling and preferred one over the other? Thanks for all your help smile

Kel, WA Jebediah 18/7/05, Balendin 10/10/07

I used a comfy carry for my last 2, and someone lent me a kapoochi for my DD, i preferred the sling type. Had use of it for a lot longer, around 12months, depending on their weight. and newborns they looked alot snugglier. But i think you need to try them both and se what you feel right in.
Hi there,

With DS#1 i used baby bjorn exclusively (read somewhere that they were best and slings were bad for your back etc) and never tried anything else. Was happy with it, but it did have its limitations - ie could sit down comfortably with it on / bubs in it, so if you were out you were stuck with standing up unless you had pram or something else to put bubs down in. Was easy to put bubs down if he did fall asleep.

DS#2 is a totally different bubs and hates his pram, so i needed to try something different. I started looking at slings and jsut went up to people and asked them what they thought. I ended up with a BUBBA MOE sling, it was what was stocked in my closest baby shop, but also was being used by several people i talked to.

I am impressed with it, I can now go out and know that I can sit down if required (even have lunch etc with bubs in sling on my lap).

The only thing is that it is not good for a long walk or where you will be standing for a long time. I wore it on a hour long walk one time and my back was very sore for days after. So now, i use a combo of the baby bjorn for serious walks and sling most other times.


I used a baby bjorn as that was the best of what I could get whilst I was desperate, since I have done heaps of research and the best out there which is good for mum and her back no matter the weight of the bub and great for bub and no issues for their hips etc as it is a sitting position rather than a hanging is the Ergo Baby Carrier. They are about $150.

My opinion anyway.
thanks girls smile

Kel, WA Jebediah 18/7/05, Balendin 10/10/07

I had a second hand Kapoochi pouch (my sisiter used it for her three girls), and used it only once with DD#1. She hated being carried around, prefered to be put down. DD#2 loves to be close to you and likes to be carried, so I put her in the kapoochi and it nearly broke my back!!

I have recently purchased a Baba Sling and I love it, so does DD. She sleeps soundly curled up in it and its great for your back. Easy to put on and very wearable. Depending on the fabric you choose as to the price. Mine is plain fabric and I paid $85. I highly recommend it.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

Hiya, ive used a "bubba lugga" made in taz...for my youngest..& found it really easy to use...when he was younger he nestled against my body & now hes older i use it to carry him on my hip with it smile
best of luck smile
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