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HELP- What is a good price for a box of h u g g i e s nappies? Rss

Just wondering how much I can expect to pay for a box of newborn nappies (hug gies), do people generally store up on them when they are around $36 and below? How many boxes should I buy for a day old baby? How long does a box generally last? Your help would be very much appreciated.

Coles usually has them for $41.95 - very expensive, but has them on sale every now and then for much less. Toys 'R Us has them for $29.95 right now, but I think they're usually about $37 there. Big W is pretty good, too.

I definitely agree with the 3 boxes on hand before the baby comes. I bought them for about $30, and they lasted about 3 weeks. This is great, because you don't need to remember to but nappies when you're in the initial haze of tiredness.
Hi there, we only ever buy them when they are on special for $29. Big W will price match and toys r us usually has them on sale every 6-8 weeks.

We used one carton and one large packet for newborn then DS needed the infants after about 4 weeks.
Woolies has them on special often for $30, I don't otherwise buy them. A box when they are little last about a week. BJ was 3.6 kg when born, and I used 5 boxes of newborn.

before my son was born I stocked up on nappies when they were on special for $29.95, I used 5 boxes when he was newborn(he was 8 pounds or 3.6 kgs born) My mum also bought a box for me but didn't end up using them so I have just kept them for next time around, then I went to infants, but they don't make these in boxes (personally I think they should) coz I used about 4 or 5 packets and it was quite expensive. I also used to use cheaper brands for day use, like snugglers or baby love and I used huggies at night as they are more absorbant.

I always stock up on the boxes when they are on special for $29 -$32 a box as this is a good special, full price is around $42 a box. I found 3 boxes of newborn was enough for my last baby, we got through them all and then went up to the next size which was the infants 4-8kgs but they only come in bags so it becomes a bit more expensive while they are in them.

I definately agree with at least two boxes of newborn. It is always a good idea to stock up when on sale. I usually buy three boxes at a time as by the time i get down to my last half a box they always seem to be on sale again!! Which reminds me i need to buy more this week.. And as stated above somewhere Big W match the price as long as you take in the catalouge from where they are advertised on sale.

and when you consider that supermarkets sell them now for $42 its a huge savings to stoek up when they are on sale...

michelle DS1 9/1/06, DS2 15/10/07

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