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Vacum Cleaners Rss

Can anyone recommend a vacum cleaner that easily picks up dog hair, has a hard floor brush & isn't too pricey.
I just got a Vax Performance 2200. It came with a hard floor end and a normal end. I love it - really good suction and the brush and nossel are really easy to access. I think it was $250 but worth every penny.

hmmm i got a Nilfisk sprint from Godfreys..
I think it was about 169 Its really good!
I bought an extra attachement ( 40 ) that has a special spinning thing specifically for pet hair!
u can flick from carpet to hard surfaces! I love it!
Have had vac for about 1 1/2 yrs and hasnt skipped a beat!

I WOULDNT recommend a bagless one! They are headaches

but.. cant go past a dyson! Though SUPER expensive they are in a class of thier own!

2 baby boyz!

We bought a dyson before Xmas last year and its just the best, I thought they were pricey but they have come down alot in price now, we paid $550 for ours and its unreal, I would never use another brand of vaccum again, it vaccums up so well I use to hate vaccuming now I love it as it makes the job so much easier.

The good thing to do too is shop around as so many stores has it at different prices and alot will either match or go cheaper than their competitor.

You may as well throw your money in the bin if you don't get a Dyson. We tried all the other so called pet hair vacs', a lot cheaper but within a few months they stop working properly. I had a fairly new one and ended up getting a Dyson. As a test, I did the floors with the cheap version, then re did it with the Dyson and you should have seen the muck. I was so disgusted to think I'd let DD and even ourselves play on that carpet before.

Even if you have to borrow $700 from some-one, get a furniture credit card with no interest for 24 months - anyway you can, its really worth the money. They have a life time guarantee and you will NEVER need to get a new vacuume again.

Hey, I should hit Dyson up for a job - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I couldnt agree more with Kazi. You will definatley not be disappointed with the Dyson.

We have had two Dysons, I upgraded mine last year to the new ball one. Admitidly they are expensive but worth every cent. We paid $900 for ours. It gets used everyday and sometimes more than once a day and has never missed a beat.
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Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

I have a dyson they are the best mine is over 3yr's old and never had a problem and they pick up so much there the best vacum cleaner I have had.

mummy to 1 Vic

I have to agree with dyson. I got mine a few months ago and its so fantastic, especially with dog hair, has hard floor attachment and one for lounge suites etc. Cost about $550 but I'm paying it off interest free from radio rentals cos no way I could afford it otherwise!
Good luck smile

Mum to Charotte 13-03-06

Another vote for Dyson. Cannot fault it both my wife and son have allergies and we bought the one with the HEPA filter for around $799 which came with a hard floor attachment.

Worth the extra dollars if you can afford it.

We are also thinking of getting a dyson
Do they all have a power/rotating head to work the carpet and pickup fluff/hair etc ?

CJ ~ DS 4, DD 1


Wouldnt go past a Dyson!!!

I got mine as a wedding present from my husband's family 3 years ago. I love it so much that if we ever get divorced he can have whatever he wants so long as I get the Dyson!!!

Ours came with the turbo head. it's all I use.

We have a dog and I have no trouble with dog hair. In fact, it makes me sick to see how much dust/hair etc it picks up, even when I vacuum 2-3 times a week!!

Dont even give it another thought - go the Dyson. They are well worth the money
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