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Front loader or top loader? What do u rather? Lock Rss

just woundering what washing machine u would rather?

DF and i went on a shopping spree a month or so ago and brought all our new white goods for a new kitchen plus i new washing machine.

We decided on the new LG steamer, wahser, dryer combo.

Its a great machine but if you dont always wash on the quick 30 cycle it takes like 2.5hours for one wash and the longest wash is about 3.5 hours!!!

Although its great on water saving and it has all the other doovers i can see any differnce in wash proformance from my 'OLD' top loader.

So whats ur opion on washing machines?

I don't know much about front loaders (I own a top loader) But I am always finding clothes to be washed after I've put everything in and the cycle has started, so I am always lifting the lid and throwing more in. I'm guessing you can't do that with a front loader??

only ever had a top loader but have heard that the shortest cycle on front loader takes min. of 3 hours i dont have enough hours in a a day to spend washing clothes

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I've always used a front loader, probably because my parents are Scottish and no one in Europe uses a top loader. It can take a while for some washes but I find that it washes the clothes better than that top loaders and even the longest cycle on the front loader uses less water than the shortest cycle on the top loader.

Mum of 2

Hi I have had a top loader before and now I have a front loader I would never go back... they are so much better they wash heaps better and use less water they have different wash cycles mine can do a 30min or up to a 2hr cycle depending on how soiled washing is and there is a option to open door when it has started it's in the manual,but I have not had to do it yet I also have a child lock.

mummy to 1 Vic

[Edited on 27/05/2007]
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