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John Edward Rss

Anyone here going to see him in Nov? Or has anyone seen him before, whats he like?
Where is he going to be? I love Jhon Edward! but dont think i have a chance of being picked out to have a reading. lol.
Yeah i agree, where abouts is he going to be in Nov? does anybody know?

In Qld he is playing at Chandler near Brisbane,this topic was heaps longer until they gave us the new forum.I am going and I can't wait,it is my third time and I have never been picked out for a reading but I really don't care,I love him!!!!!!!!
It seems people get picked for a reading if they have a few people who can "come through".I have long lost relatives who have passed that I never met and also my Dad who has been gone for over 20 years but I would still love to hear from him!

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