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please tell me what formula Lock Rss

Hey girls.
I put this in the new born feeding section but no one has replied. anyway I am getting all of bubs things ready as dont have long to go and was wondering what formula to give new borns (i wont be breast feeding for personal reasons)
Any info on what types are the best and where to get it would be great.
oh and also can you tell me what laundry detergemt to use for new born babys. Yes this is my first baby and i am going nuts about everything so sorry if I sound crazy.

thanks a million

my girl finally lets me sleeps at night, yaay

I never breast fed at all,my daughter was bottle fed from day one.
We have always used S26 Gold and never had any problems smile
I think Karicare is good to,but yea never actually tried it
Good luck with it x x x
Hi there,
Charlie is on Heinz formula. We had put
him on Karicare like the midwives suggested, but I found it never mixed in properly and he always had tummy aches. He is doing really well off the Heinz, and it seems to be the only formula that I can find in our new town (only a little town).

Hi Tarra_01

Congratulations on the imminent arrival of your little one. I coulnt b/f and my DD was given Karicare Gold (with Omega 3). DDs paediatrician said it was the best on the market, but all practitioners have their own ideas on that sort of stuff. There are heaps on the market available in the supermarket. (its a good idea to buy a couple of tins when they are on special like K-Mart's 15% off.)

As for the detergent, I used "Amolin" or "Purity Sensitive" laundry liquids. Purity brand also has a sensitive fabric softener available. Alternatively you can use pure soap flakes. I guess it depends on whether you will be hand washing or using the machine. Dont forget to was all bubs clothes before using them.

Its all very exciting for you now, and no you dont sound crazy. Good luck!

Oh how exciting getting everythin read for your first. Congrats.

We had DD on S26 Gold, I never had any probs with it, saying that the only reason I chose that was it was the only one i'd heard of.

Reading the other posts maybe the Karicare is a good choice and I always noticed in stores that it was a little less pricewise than S26 Gold. Think next time I'm going to try that.

Detergent wise, for the first 8 months i used the Purity brand wash and softner, I still use the softener as love the smell.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

my eldest was bottle fed from 3 days, the other 2 went straight onto the bottle i used s26 gold for washing powder i used lux flakes until i read that the soap can affect the fire retardent int clothes . you know when they say low fire risk so i stippoed using it and just used anything for sensitive skin afert 6 months just thre it all in with our stuff by the time no 3 came along, didnt bother with separate washing LOL

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i was using s26, but it just got too expensive, so switched to heinz and have no problems. and have saved so much, as i'm able to get it for 11 a tin from the chemist. didn't ween from one to the other, when the other one ended gave her the new formula. hand no problems whatsoever, and she is just growing growing growing.

as for laundry detergent. amway make a fantastic laundry detergent. it will last for ages as well, as it's highly concentrated (expensive) but worth it. they also design one esp for bubs.

one of my g/friends was using omo sensitive but found that her daughter got a rash from it. she's using surf (it's cheap too) and has no problems. she also used for a while soap flakes. and that worked for her as well.

and don't stress out, you'll do great. i'm a 1st time mum as well, so i know excatly how you feel! i went through it too... my partner thought i was a bit loopy!... still does i'm sure.
Hey Tarra,
What an exciting time for you!!! I know just what it is like when you have your first born at home for the first time. It is pretty scary, but it sounds like you are going to be ready for it. I had heaps of trouble breast feeding my son and changed to bottles and formula at 7 weeks. We used s26 gold all the way though. Our son Harrison loved it and had no problem going from boob to bottle too. We used the Avent bottles as well as some other less known brands. We also had a microwave steam steralizer. There are lots of little expences when bottle feeding, that do add up, but it is all worth it in the end. An added bonus is if you have a second one (i'm due on 4/6) theres nothing to buy.
As for washing powder one with less chemicals in it, is the best I feel. Harrison had realy bad eczema from a few months of age, we found perfumes set off rashes and things. But don't panic....just remember to wash any thing that is new. If you dry things outside you can then fluff them up in the dryer for 10 mins or so, so then they are not to hard on new born skin.
Good luck with everything!!! Hope it all goes well and I hope I have been of some help to you.

mum 2 B1 & B2 on the way


Hi Tarra
Congrats on the baby!! When we decided to put bubs on formula, we had NO idea which one. Anyway, we researched and researched, and everyone reckons theirs is the best (obviously). We came to the decision that all formulas must meet strict minimum standards, and as she had already had Heinz food with no probs, we went with the Heinz formula. So glad we did. SHe had S26 occassionallly, but that only made her ill as it was much thicker. The Heinz was the cheapest, and both our bubs loved it. Good luck with which ever one you choose. Another option is to ring all the companies and ask them to send you samples - you wll be able to try them out with bubs (obviously not one after the other, but a few days of each one).

As a side note, we also did this with wipes, nappies, baby talc powder, and a heap of other things. We didn't need to buy any creams/lotions/powder for the first 12 months!!! Unfortunately, nobody sent me a years supply of nappies to try though!

I was nesschunky, sometimes I'm "Still AmyNicsMum"

My baby love S26 gold worked fantastic. Goodluck with everything
Cheers Bec

The joys of having a newborn...

Hi Tarra,

Gosh notlong to go now. Why dont you ring the hospital you will be going to and ask what they use. Our DS had to be bottlefed on occassions whilst in hospital and they only had Karicare available in the hospital's pharmacy. Therefore he got used to that and has been on it ever since we took him home.

Good luck with everything

BJ has been bottlefed since day #3 as he had a very poor sucking reflex, and the midwife said the only way to breastfeed would to express and then bottlefeed, I said NO THANKYOU... being a first time mum is hard enough!
Anyway formula wise, I used 4 different kinds.
S26 is what he started on, didn't react very well, and always had tummy pain, 6 week he was on Karicare AR for reflux, it was way to thick, and really decreased his appetite, and was very hard to finds teats that it would flow through, 10 weeks, Karicare Goat- workerd very well, but pricey, however was well worth the money as he no longer had really bad wind, and was much more settled. 9 months I swapped to a cow based formula, NAN, he was a little funny on it and had a few very interesting nappies (makes me wanna hurl thinking about it), then NAN HA (easy digest formula), this was the best and I wished I had used it for the word go, and I will be using it for any possible future bubs. He is now nealry 17 months and has nestle toddler gold, as he can't seem to stomach normal milk. Yay, I think I would have spent over $1500 on formula by now.

As for washing, bj's clothes get chucked in with ours, I use omo sensitive, with cuddly fabric softener to make it smell pretty. I don't see the point in washing bj's stuff seperatly, unless it had been contaminated by himslef. I hate soap flakes, the smell makes me sick, reminds me of baby spew.

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[Edited on 03/05/2007]

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