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Vetech systems for toddlers Lock Rss

Hi there just wondering if anyone bought the vetech system for toddler under 3. Its the one were they interact with the tv. I have tried the new little leaps and thought it was a piece of c*!p so i thought maybe this one could be alright.

Thanks Ellas mumma

if its the one i think it is we brought one for our 3 yo and it wouldn't work on our DVD player, apparently they only work on certain players and unfortuantly ours wasn't one of them. U can ring a number if yours isn't compatiable and they will try to give u a code to make it work but ours still wouldn't so they suggested we but a new DVD player!! as we only got it a few months before we decided just to return the VTECH. We ended up buying the VTECH game console, our 3 yo wanted to be a big boy like his brother and play x box and this game system keeps him happy and they have heaps of educational games for it!!

we also have the interacTv thing, and of course , same as above post would not work on our DVD player (and its a sony, not an unknown brand!) but it does work on our other dvd player.We rang the number fort he code and everything, and were also advised to buy a dvd player compatible or take it back to the place of purchase(was a gift so who kknows where it came from) I also bought a few extra game cards when they were on specail, not once has it been played with, it gets turned on and noone in my house plays it, i wouldn't wast the money just yet The kids it was bought for are aged 2 and 3 but even the 9 and 11 yo don't touch it, and they usually love all the littel kid toys.. I am looking at one of those computer lap top things to buy next... i also have one of those power touch books and do you think the kids will touvch that, nope!!
we bought the v-tec v-smile game console for our son last year when he was 3, the games have popular characters and the joystick is big and easy to use, it can be changed for left and right hand people, we were lucky to get ours in a bonus pack where we got the paint system as well,

the games are $40 each but they cary in skill and go from 3 years right up to 9-10 year olds with the games changing to things like batman, so it is something that will grow with them more,

the only problem i have had (but it really isnt a major problem) is it runs on batteries, which is good because it makes it very portable with the only cord being that that plugs into the tv, and the joystick, but it can go throgh the batteries pretty quick. you can pick up adaptors on ebay all the time, and they are probably in the shops to, i just havent found one yet (but i havent really looked either)

extra joysticks can also be bought.

if you are going to spend the money on this type of system i would go for this one, while it might be a bit old at this stage they can stil go through the games, the buttons are really big and easy to use, and they will grow into it and hopefull have it alast them a long time
i have also bought the vtech for my boys and i think its fantastic, you get one game included and you can buy a adaptor for it, (instead of using the batteries), its only approx $15 from kmart.
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