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hi there all,
we currently have a labX dog, who is 8yo. we are looking into getting a pure bred Lab sometime soon.
I want a chocolate Lab, DH want the black, but we already have the black.
Anyway, does anyone have a purebred Lab? how do they find them, with the kids, etc etc?
Hi there,

We have a 2.5 year old black lab. We orginally wanted a chocolate one as they are so beautiful but decided against it as they are prone to more genetic problems.
However, in saying that we have now found out that are black lab has some major joint issues, but he is doing ok, but we can't walk him as much as he gets sore. This is a bit of a problem as we live right near the beach as used to take him for a big run every day and i think he wonders why he can't go as often.

Anyway, he is absolutely great with our 11.5 month old. Lachie is forever climbing on him, grabbing his fur and generally harassing him but Gus just takes it all. He is quite protective of him too if anyone unknown approaches the pram while we are out walking.

I have other friends who have labs to that are great dogs.

Just be wary of the breeding lines, and don't overfeed as they are ruled by food!
Also Gus is an excellent watch dog, but also gets on well with other dogs, he has lots of 'friends' around the neighbouhood that come and visit (jump into our yard) much to my husbands disgust!


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We have 2 labrador dogs one pure breed chocolate and one is a pure breed yellow. We have had the choc one since he was a puppy (he is 4 years old) and we adopted the yellow one at 2 years old and he has just turned 3. We find both dogs really good with our son. They try to lick his hands and face and it is safe for me to leave the room and know they won't bite him or anything like that. The dogs have coped fine with the new addition. Moreton our choc lab has coped fine since he has been relegated from number one child to number 2. Labs have great tempraments and are great for kids. But like any animal you should always watch around kids and encourage to be gentle when playing as all dogs can be a bit excited at times. We have had labs all our lives and fine it doesn't matter what colour all can have their share of problems. I especially love the choc one and he sheds less hair than the yellow lab.
We have a pb golden lab. She is 6 and is just beautiful. She is lovely with our kids, they play with her ears, bury her in the sandpit and ride her. She just lets them do whatever and loves it. When you get 1 remember to find out what the parents hipscore is, labs are known for joint problems but if the parents have a good score, the pup should be fine. Also remember that labs are pups for at least 3 years, so you would have to train it immediately to not jump up because they could push your child over. All the best for your decision
Well, it will be one of the best decisions ever I think! We have our 3rd lab currently (18mth old black lab), I grew up with a golden lab (died at 15) and we adopted one a couple of years ago who was going to get put down at 8yrs old, he stayed with us for another year.
I have never doubted the dogs' love for my child, and trust them 99%. I say 99 because I dont think any dog should be teased or harrassed while eating, so that is the only thing I would not test my luck with.
You may go though some distructive behavior (females less than males, I am on my 3rd male), but you will laugh for the rest of your life with the fond memories. It is 13 yrs since we lost our 1st lab, and I still cry and laugh!!
Good luck, and enjoy!!

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go to you will find everything you need to know. Only buy pure bred. You will find hundreds of registered breeders in every state and you will find forums to ask the breeders questions. You may even be able to get a mature dog for a good price, or even a rescue from lab rescues. I'd go for a whippet...not one fault.

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