I have heard many times that nursing mothers should not go in for sports, that lactic acid passes into breast milk and this is harmful to the baby. I turned to a pediatrician and a sports doctor with this question. The pediatrician said that moderate physical activity, without overexertion and excessive fanaticism, will not bring any harm to the child. The sports doctor even suggested special supplements for nursing mothers that help to recover after exercise and do not harm the baby. Since the question was very interesting, I decided to study this topic in more detail. Found a good review on the internet https://top-mom.com/best-protein-powder-while-b.... First I ordered Momsanity, then I bought Vegansmart. I liked both drinks, they feel good after them, they have no negative effect on feeding. The child did not have rashes, did not hurt his stomach. I am happy to share my experience. Perhaps someone will need it!