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Help! Mum wants me to use my old bassinet. Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I've recently told my parents that I'm pregnant. This will be the first grandchild in the family and Mum's just so excited. She really want's me to use the bassinet she used for me. It will be nearly 30 years old and held me and my two brothers when we were born. I know it would really mean a lot for me to use it because of the sentimental value but i'm more concerned about safety because of it's age regardless of whether i use a new mattress or not. I just really want peoples thoughts on the topic and suggestions on how to let her know that i won't be using the bassinet if that's the way i opt to go.

I know lots of people who have used their own baby bassinets for their children. Theres a few things I'd think about if I were going to do it... is it sturdy/unlikely to fall over, is it breathable (ie no bumpers round the edge), does it have any dangerous size gaps that a baby could get stuck in, etc. If it's painted and that old I'd do a lead test on it and I'd buy a new firm well fitted mattress.

My baby uses my old bassinet when we visit my parents house as it looked as safe as ones I'd seen in shops.

You can look at the Australian guidelines for cot safety requirements for an idea of what is needed (I don't think they have them specifically for bassinets).

If you decide not to use it I'd just say you'd rather get a new one as you're paranoid about safety. Better to be honest I think. If you visit them frequently you could suggest they have it set up at their house for visits but you want a new one at home.

Hope that helps
I am using the cot that was mine and my aunts before me. It is 57 years old. It's a steel one that we had powder coated for our second child, and will be using for our third.
Just make sure it is really clean and has a new mattress. I agree with Makalu's comments too.
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