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Not trying to be mean or anything. I have found that huggies nappies are leaking ALL THE TIME. I've switched to baby bots from Coles, just the cheap stuff and I find them heaps better than huggies brand. No more accidents during the day or night
I buy really cheap nappies for the day as I change DS every couple of hours.
But for the night I always user treasures or huggies. We have found that the cheap ones really don't cut it for all night long.
Up until recently I had been using treasures at night, but huggies was on offer this time when we went shopping for some and I have to say I have been pretty impressed by them smile

What size are you using? Different nappies seem to fit different shaped kids. I have found Huggies to be the best for DS2, never have leaks.

The nappies fit fine but they tend to leak no matter what so I use cheap ones. They last the whole night. I also noticed with huggies the little one got really bad nappy rash. But not with the other nappies.
I have had to use a different brand for each child. Huggies for my oldest, snugglers for my second babylove for my third and bight bots for my forth. All my babies were a different shape
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