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Photographer lost ALL of my baby's photos after making me wait 8 weeks for them!!! Lock Rss

I just wanted to share my experiences I recently had with this newborn photographer in Perth. I only discovered newborn photography when my son was 8 weeks old and he was obviously too old to really be classified as a newborn. I found a photographer I liked and they were able to accommodate a shoot for my son at 10 weeks old and said they would do their best to try and recreate these newborn poses. After the shoot they advised we would likely see something in 3 weeks time. 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks past with no communication from the photographer so I initiate contact to get an update on my son's photos. I get an email response 4 days later advising of a technical issue of corrupted files and data systems and to wait it out for updates. 2 weeks later, I get an email advising that none of my sons photos could be retrieved and they would refund my money n offer a free shoot. I respond back that we would like to do the reshoot but requested complimentary digital photos. They promptly refunded my money but even after almost a week did not reply to arrange the reshoot or deny my request or advise on the path forward. I send a more wordly followup email expressing my disappointment in the level of service and lack of professionalism we have experienced. They responded and advised they have refunded my money and they would have nothing more to do with us!!

I am so deeply saddened n devastated that we have been placed in this predicament. I am not certain what the circumstances were to how the photos were lost but would expect a professional to have stringent safeguards in place to prevent such occurrences, as corrupted files are any photographers worst nightmare. Whilst I did receive a full fund for the services, it does not bring back the opportunity to photograph my son at such a young age and those lost memories are gone forever. We waited 2 months and are left empty handed. Had this been communicated to us earlier, we could have tried to reshoot but it is much too late now that he is over 4 months old. There was never even an apology for what they put us through. We pay photographers to capture these fleeting moments and place a certain level of trust and faith in them that they will deliver what they promise. We did not get what we expected, deserved or paid for. Often there is only one opportunity to capture such treasured moments because if they could so easily be recreated, why would we need photographers? What really infuriated me about this whole situation is that the photographer did very little to rectify the situation and did not consider the non monetary loss we experienced. I could come to terms with the lost photos but can not believe the way we have been treated considering this most likely could have been prevented.

Nothing can change the fact that those photos are gone but i wanted to share my experiences with you so that if you are planning on using a newborn photographer, confirm their turn around times in writing , ask for 'sneak peaks' within certain time frames (we never got to see even ONE photo) and ensure that they have stringent safeguards in place should anything go wrong. I've learnt this the hard way but any professional photographer should have all this outlined in a written contract for you to sign. This would be difficult (if you haven't worked with them before) but do your research and try to find a photographer who is professional, compassionate, communicates effectively and values the actual moments captured over how much money they can make off you. Someone who values YOUR time as much or even more so than theirs. At least this way, you may be able to prevent experiencing the heartache and disappointment we had to go through.
I'm so sorry that happened to you sad

May I ask what the business is called?

I'm also in Perth and can recommend an awesome photographer that I've been using for the last couple of years smile

I've asked a few photographers about the situation and apparently it's more common than I thought! It's because "professional" photography isn't regulated so I guess anyone can become one?

Who do you go to Bailey's Mummy?

Btw, your baby is almost the same age as mine! He is 4 months, 4 weeks today!! How do you add those timelines to your signature? Your fur kids are just adorable too smile) Is that a Samoyed and Husky Cross??

I use Just Kids Photography smile She's got a website and a fb page!

My daughter was born on Dec 30th -.- I was hoping to keep her in until Jan hahah What date is your sons bday? to get the ticker go to the lily pie website and make it there, then you copy and paste the code to your profile here, you only want [img] - [img] though (I think) not all the stuff before and after!

Yep, that's a Samoyed and the other is a Finnish Lapphund smile

That's awful. What horrid service you received. Unfortunately its true, as photography is unregulated anyone with a camera can call themselves one and take people's money. All I can recommend is to make sure you see as much of a photographer's work as possible before booking them.

I wish I was in Perth, I'd offer a discounted reshoot for you but I'm in Melbourne. As a parent myself I know how special those moments are and what they mean to parents. Yes, photography is my business and income, but if a client is not happy with their photos then I'm not going to make any money or receive any referrals, which is a big part of this industry. Corrupted files can happen, but I would think that the photographer would have known there was a problem earlier than you were told and could have called you back for a reshoot without so much time going past. At least, that's the service I'd offer clients.

Hoping you can find a new photographer who can capture some amazing images of your son.

Jen - Vic. Mummy to Bella Alex & Tasha

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