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Strollers:: not sure where to start! Lock Rss

Hi everyone

We have an 8 month old and I am currently using a Valco Rebel Q pram for her- which we have used for her since birth with the bassinet attachment.

The pram is good, but I am now looking for something a little more practical. I only have a small car at the moment (Suzuki Swift) and to fold the Valco down it comes apart in two pieces, the seat and the frame and I currently have to store them on the front passenger seat of my car!

I am wanting something that will fold down in one piece, something lightweight but still a good pram/stroller. I want one that reclines fully back as my baby still goes to sleep in the pram if i am out and about, by lying down in the Valco. She also likes sitting up fully so it would be good to get one that does sit up straight (some dont).

And also just need one with good storage. We dont want to be spending a fortune, but also want something that will be practical and last!

I guess I am just asking for other mums/dads suggestions as to what you have used in the past - what brands you think are good and where i should start looking. I have been into a couple of baby shops to check them out but there is just such a huge range i dont know where to begin so i thought as mum knows best ill check with everyone on the forums first!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
I had a lot of trouble picking a pram for my DD and the new bubs this time and when i asked on this forum, everyone had a different suggestion as you are right there are just SO many out there to choose from. I went in to my local baby shop (baby bunting) and told them exactly what i wanted down to things that DH thought were silly wink they showed me 3 prams but said one suited what i wanted more than the rest! It was exactly what i wanted!! They let me push it round and even let me fold it up and see how well it fit in the boot of the car!! I didnt want something that was going to take up the whole boot space! So maybe just got in, they usually know the features of the prams really well and i find sometimes a more hands on approach can be more helpful!

I would go for a stroller instead of a pram. Stroller's are cheaper and lighter and easier to get around, perhaps something like this one for $99 might be suitable for your car and it fully reclines (and suitable for that age group).

Good luck pram/stroller shopping.

I don't know how much money you're looking to spend but have a look at the Baby Jogger City Mini. I have the City Elite and it fit perfectly into the back of my Suzuki Swift. The City Mini is just a smaller version and they're both awesome smile Baby Jogger are a bit pricey but you can normally pick up good second hand ones.

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